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Pearish Takes USRA Modified Win At Springfield Raceway As Full Moon Causes Wild Night

Springfield,Mo.-Oronogo’s Bobby Pearish grabbed the opening lead and withstood a late race challenge from veteran Rex Merritt and a wild full moon night to
capture his first SURE Budweiser Modified feature win at the Springfield Raceway of 2012 in the Transport Graphics Championship chase with over 90 race teams in the pits.

Things started very rocky as current track point leader Erik Maggard took a
hard barrel roll over in turn 1 as the field was 3-wide when the green flag
flew. Also getting caught-up was defending champion Jackie Dalton,2010 champ
Mitch Keeter,Jeff Cutshaw,Nick Whitehead.Maggard was able to walk away but his
BAS Security/State Farm/Shaw Car was the worst for wear.All the other cars
returned to action.On the restart,Pearish took the lead from Corey Weir with
Rob Muilenburg following.With the track fast tonight,action was extremely quick
on the “Quick-Quarter” as drivers were shuffling back and forth.On lap 3 the
second Red Flag was displayed as Josh Woody,Justin Neuman and Tammy Mitchell
got together on the front-stretch.On the restart,Muilenburg moved into second
and began his chase on the leader Pearish as Brian Green was picking up
spots.On lap 5,John Yeoman moved into second place as the yellow flew again for
Green’s spin in turn 2.Action picked back-up with Pearish,Yeoman,Muilenburg and
18th starter Rex Merritt battling.Pearish was then able to withstand a 2 lap
shootout from Merritt to grab the victory by 2 car lengths as Merritt was
riding the top groove quickly.The final top 5 rundown saw Pearish in his
Pearish Construction/Hoffman/Yeoman Engines followed by Merritt in his Allen
Autosports/Yeoman Engines, Yeoman in the Hoffman/Yeoman Engines 25th
Anniversary special, defending champion Jackie Dalton recovering to capture 4th
in the Carthage Lock/Garrison/Hoffman and a fast moving Dairian Hendrix from
16th in his Babe’s Drive-In/Hoffman/Yeoman.12 of the 20 starters finished on
the lead lap in a wild feature.

In Reliable Chevrolet USRA B-Modified action it also was a wild affair as the full
moon caused havic here also.Jon Yeoman Jr grabbed the opening lead with Brandon
Maggard driving for former track champion Wayne Graybeal this season following
while Jared Thulin was close behind.Several spins and wild action saw the yellow
fly often early.Back to green flag action,Yeoman Jr and Brandon Maagard were wheel
to wheel.On lap 4,Brandon Maggard grabbed the lead as current point leader Scott
Drake was coming forward from his 11th starting spot.Drake made a move to get
around Yeoman Jr. and attempted several times to get the lead as Mike Hailman had
moved to third place.Maggard withstood a 2 lap shootout to secure the win with
Drake,Hailman,Yeoman Jr. and Kaleb Copher completing the top 5.

Casey’s General Stores Midwest Modified action was very tight and provided
excellent action with an emotional win for Charlie Gentile.Pole-setter Craig
Keeter grabbed the opening lead and was looking inpressive as Austin Johnson was
in pursuit.On lap 3,Gentile who had lost a close friend and car owner early in the
week pulled even with Keeter as defending champion Trevor Drake followed
through.Gentile took the lead the following lap as Drake and current point leader
Rusty Forrest followed.Gentile and Drake then showed side by side racing with
Drake taking the lead on lap 11 down low,but Gentile grabbed the top spot back on
lap 12 with Forrest looking for running room as Gary Krebs and Johnson were wheel
to wheel.Drake kept to the low side of the track while Gentile had the top groove
working.Drake would try again on the last lap as Forrest was attempting to get
around Drake.Gentile took the win with Drake,Forrest,Krebs and Johnson in the top

Wheeler Metals Legend action again provides 3-wide racing as former champion
Justin Comer took the opening lead,then veteran Wayne Johnston moved around as
10th place starter Chuck Comer shot to third.On lap 4,J. Comer took back the lead
as point leader Mike Hailman moved into third place.On lap 6,the pace slowed as
Hailman pulled in with a flat tire and rejoined the rear of the field as did
Caleb McDugle.J Comer and uncle Chuck Comer were back and forth as Billy”The
Kid”Cottrill was now up to third place.The yellow waved on lap 12 for Gary
Hockman and Cottrill as Hailman had charged back to third place.On the restart
Justin Comer was looking solid as Hailman was applying pressure.On lap 17,Hailman
took back the lead but then Justin Comer back in front on lap 18.Side by side
they raced as the white flew with Hailman getting back to the lead.On the final
lap Justin Comer tried hard to get around Hailman but Hailman took the win as
Justin Comer,Wayne johnston,Chuck Comer and Darrell McWhirter followed in an
action feature event.

A first time winner ever in the Pepsi Pure Stock class saw second year driver
Philip Schloesser take the opening lead and never looked back in recording the
victory as last season rookie of the year Bret Testerman came late in the feature
but never could catch Schloesser.Following the lead duo to the line were David
Moellering,15 year old Tyler Thulin and first time ever lady driver Elizabeth
Jolley.Current point leader and defending champion Jack Hamer suffered a stuck
throttle on the opening lap and pulled to the pits and returned to action a few
laps down.

Another first time ever winner in the Williams Lawn Care Street Stock class as the
feature was action packed had Springfield’s Jim Reid take advantage of Bryan
Tillman’s flat tire to take the win by holding off point leader Wayne morris in a
last lap near photo finish.Reid grabbed the opening lead with Shawn Schmidt right
beside him.On lap 3,Schmidt took the top spot as Tillman pulled even and took over
on lap 4.It was 3-wide action the entire feature.With 2 laps to go,Tillman pulled
high in turn 4 bringing out the yellow putting Reid back in the lead.Reid then had
to hold off morris for the win his first ever in his Larry Andrus/McCroskey
Tribute car as morris,Schmidt,Wayne Bysor and Tillman completed the top 5.

Wesley Smith took the lead on lap 2 from Ty McWhirter to take his second straight
Young Lions Kids Legends feature.Kylan Garner suffered car problems at the start
forcing him to the pits early.Smith was flawless tonight in his 44 car as this
class gets stronger each week.Jeremy Watson and Garner rounded out the field as
early night contender Graysen cox had problems and could not start the feature.

Next up for Springfield Raceway is the 6th annual John Kuntz Memorial presented by
Andy’s Frozen Custard Late model special featuring the showdown between MLRA and
MARS Super Late models along with a full points shows in the Transport Graphics
Championship Chase as extra money is provided in all classes.USRA Modifieds
compete for $600 to win and $90 to start while the Late Model event is slated for
40 laps and $3,000 to the winner.

Go to WWW.SpringfieldRaceway.Com for more details or like us on Facebook.

Budweiser USRA Modifieds
A Ft-1)Bobby Pearish-Oronogo 2)Rex Merritt-Billings 3)John Yeoman III-Granby
4)Jackie Dalton-Carthage 5)Dairan Hendrix-Joplin 6)Mitch Keeter-Webb City 7)Robbie
Bryant-Willard 8)Rob Muilenburg-Sparta 9)Corey Wier-Nixa 10)Nick Whitehead-Ozark
11)Billy Dalton-Exeter 12)Fred Slagle-Pierce City 13)Scott Symmonds-Bolivar 14)Jeff
Cutshaw-Cross Timbers 15)Justin Neuman-Crocker 16)Brian Green-Pierce City 17)Jerry
Lankton-Lampe 18)Josh Woody-Laquey 19)Tammy Mitchell-Pea Ridge,Ark. 20)Erik
Maggard-Brighton DNS-Rusty Weir
1st Ht-1)Yeoman III 2)Maggard 3)B Dalton 4)Weir 5)Woody 6)Symmonds 7)Merritt
2nd Ht-1)Dalton 2)Whitehead 3)Cutshaw 4)Green 5)Lankton 6)Hendrix 7)Slagle
3rd Ht-1)Pearish 2)Keeter 3)Muilenburg 4)Bryant 5)Neuman 6)Mitchell DNS-R Weir

Reliable Chevrolet USRA B-Mods
A Ft-1)Brandon Maggard-Springfield 2)Scott Drake-Webb City 3)Mike Hailman-Reed
Springs 4)Jon Yeoman Jr-Granby 5)Kaleb Copher-Webb City 6)Charlie Gentile-Ozark
7)Andy Beauchamp-Springfield 8)Ryan Stacye-Fair Grove 9)Blake Ellis-Sarcoxie
10)Jared Thulin-Miami,Okla.11)Gary Rodocker-Willard 12)Michael Maggard-Springfield
13)Bobby Maggard Jr.-Republic 14)Ron McClellan-Jasper 15)Jeff Scroggins-Brookline
16)Don Luna-St James 17)Jeremy Thulin-Miami,Okla.18)Aaron Speck-Republic DNS-Thomas
Hylton-Joplin,Darren Danner-Joplin
1st Ht-1)Brandon Maggard 2)Drake 3)Rodocker 4)J Thulin 5)Scroggins 6)Beauchamp
2nd Ht-1)Yeoman Jr 2)M Maggard 3)Copher 4)McClellan 5)Danner 6)Thulin 7)Speck
3rd Ht-1)B Maggard Jr 2)Gentile 3)Luna 4)Hailman 5)Ellis 6)Stacye

Caseys General Stores Midwest Modz
A Ft-1)Charlie Gentile-Ozark 2)Trevor Drake-Webb City 3)Rusty Forrest-Ozark 4)Gary
Krebs-Clever 5)Austin Johnson-Joplin 6)Todd McGregor-Clever 7)Taylor Moore-Bois
D’Arc 8)Nathan Gold-Willard 9)Craig Keeter-Webb City 10)Rusty Adams-Miami,Okla
11)Steve Moore-Springfield 12)Michael Page-Webb City 13)Billy Pearce-Camdenton
14)Robert Tosh- 15)Bobby Gough-Joplin 16)Jordan Green-Rolla 17)Dakota
Maggard-Republic 18)Ken Walker-Springfield 19)Shawn Eggeman-Willard
1st Ht-1)Forrest 2)Krebs 3)Green 4)Johnson 5)Pearce 6)Maggard 7)Page
2nd Ht-1)Drake 2)T Moore 3)Keeter 4)Gentile 5)Gough 6)Adams
3rd Ht-1)Eggeman 2)Thulin 3)Walker 4)Gold 5)S Moore 6)Tosh

Wheeler Metals Legends
A Ft-1)Mike Hailman-Reed Springs 2)Justin Comer-Joplin 3)Wayne Johnston-Rolla
4)Chuck Comer-Joplin 5)Darrell McWhirter-Bentonville,Ark.6)Caleb McDugle-Quapaw,Okla
7)Rob Watson-Billings 8)Calvin Garner-Sarcoxie 9)Bill Cottrill-Joplin 10)Rick
Nichols-Cassville 11)Nichole Cottrill-Joplin 12)Billy Cottrill-Joplin 13)Gary
Hockman-Rolla 14)Larry Smoot-Joplin 15)James McDugle-Quapaw,Okla
1st Ht-1)Hailman 2)Johnston 3)C Comer 4)Nichols 5)Billy Cottrill 6)Garner 7)Smooth
8)N Cottrill
2nd Ht-1)Johnston 2)J Comer 3)C McDugle 4)Watson 5)McWhirter 6)Hockman 7)Bill Cottrill

Pepsi-Pure Stocks
A Ft-1)Philip Schloesser-Everton 2)Bret Testerman-Miami,Okla 3)David
Moellering-Billings 4)Tyler Thulin-Miami,Okla 5)Elizabeth Jolley-Springfield 6)Danny
Vasquez-Springfield 7)Jack Hamer-Ava
1st Ht-1)Hamer 2)Jolley 3)Thulin 4)Vasquez
2nd Ht-1)Testerman 2)Schloesser 3)Moellring

Williams Lawn Care Street Stocks
A Ft-1)Jim Reid-Springfield 2)Wayne Morris-Miami,Okla 3)Shawn Schmidt-Springfield
4)Wayne Bysor-Bolivar 5)Bryan Tillman-Branson 6)Joe Gracia-Bolivar
Ht-1)Tillman 2)Schmidt 3)Reid 4)Morris 5)Bysor 6)Giradi

Young Lions Kids Legends
A Ft-1)Wesley Smith-Nixa 2)Ty McWhirter-Bentonville,Ark 3)Jeremy Watson-Billings
4)Kylan Garner-Sarcoxie DNS-Grasyn Cox-Joplin
Ht-1)Smith 2)Cox 3)McWhirter 4)Watson 5)Garner

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