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Another Strong Show At Lakeside Speedway, Karrick, Kling, Ryun & Wood All Winners

Tim Karrick held off a late race charge from Darron Fuqua to win the Modified A Main. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Kansas City, KS – There wasn’t a full moon, the closest rain was found in and around the Topeka area and for yet another week Lakeside Speedway had a strong program completed in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Ninety seven cars checked in to battle on Friday night and it was also another great night of racing action.

The Modified feature could be divided up into 3 segments.

“Bubba” Harvey dominated the first third of the race. Starting from the 2nd row the driver from KCK, sped into the lead and put some distance between himself and the competition. If fans weren’t paying attention, it might have been tough to spot Harvey way out in front as the leader. All good things must come to an end, so they say? While Harvey came into lapped traffic, Tim Karrick was roaring through the field from his 8th starting spot.

It didn’t matter whether he needed to go high, low or in the middle. Karrick could do know wrong. Karrick, from Basehor, chipped away at Harvey’s lead until coming out of turn 4, Karrick used a lapped car to perfection to take over the lead. As Harvey did before him, Karrick started to sprint away from the competition. At least until the white flag came out. This opened up the show for the last 1/3 of the race.

A yellow flag came out, reverting the field back to the last yellow flag lap. It also wiped out the lead that Karrick amassed while running up front. Darron Fuqua, Cody Agler and Joe Walker were looking to out gun the veteran at the finish. As the green came back out, Karrick jetted back into the lead. This time Darron Fuqua would have enough umph to make a close race. Karrick took the white flag only to feel the pressure from the young driver from Mayetta. On the last corner Fuqua would go high and Karrick hung to the bottom of the race track.

Exiting turn four Karrick maintained a slight advantage over Fuqua that would hold as the two drivers received the yellow and the checkered at the same time. Karrick notched yet another win at Lakeside Speedway.

Since Karrick and Fuqua were the only two drivers to take the checkered flag and the yellow came out, the drivers from 3rd on back will have to revert back one lap to find their finishing positions. At this time of press, the exact finish of the Modified feature was not known. After conferring with the scorers, JD Green, Competition Director, will make the official finish from 3rd on back.

It was all smiles for Darren Kling after winning his 1st Grand National feature of the year. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

This weekend we will celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday. Grand National driver, Darren Kling from Basehor gave his mom and sisters an early present. Kling rewarded them with a victory on Friday night. The moment is something that should be celebrated. Darren’s pit crew is made up of his mother and 2 sisters. One of whom, recently became a mother herself. All three women make up Darren’s pit crew every Friday night at Lakeside. What a better gift than a win on Mother’s Day Weekend?

It was one of the longest features of the night. Several competitors would suffer mechanical problems or be involved in one, of several, accidents. By the end of the feature less than half the field fell out do to one problem or another.

Kling kept his eye on the prize as he drove to his 1st win of the 2012 season. Kling, the driver from Basehor, has suffered from minor set backs. Problems on the first night, problems while leading on the 2nd night and the list goes on and on. These were some of the things on his mind heading into the race, but he had felt the car was coming around and he could make a statement behind the wheel.

Kelby Ostrander, from Oskaloosa, raced his way to a hard fought runner-up finish, 3rd went to Frank Littrell, of Claycomo, MO., Sam Schuler, KCK, hung in for one of his best features of the night and rounding out the top 5 was Jim Baker.

Jason Ryun takes the checkers during the Factory Stock A Main. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

When you have been around more than 5 years in one class, you become a veteran. Jason Ryun is that veteran. When you become a vet. Ryun is one of those drivers that likes to intimidate his other competitors. That’s why he picked up the win on Friday night in the Factory Stock division. Ryun set sail for position number 1 at the drop of the green flag. As cars began to part like the Red Sea, Ryun was sailing through all the lapped traffic.

Ryun was concerned about a few drivers that were scheduled to start ahead of him in the feature. It didn’t show on the track as Ryun worked his way to the front. At the top spot, he wasn’t going to be denied on this night. As the checkered flag fell, there was still a large distance between Ryun and the rest of the competition.

From 2nd position through 5th, it seemed to be a block party from guys claiming KCK as their home. Justin Siefert came in at the runner up spot, 3rd went to JR Billing, 4th was Darrin Christy and the opening night winner, Joe Smith Jr., finished inside the top 5 in the 5th spot.

Bobby Russ Wood made it look easy tonight winning the B Mod feature. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It wasn’t long ago that Bobby Wood just missed out on a B Mod win at Lakeside Speedway. After that race he told me that he thought the white flag was a yellow flag. This mix-up caused him to miss out on a win that might have been rightfully his.

Wood stepped on the throats of the competition on Friday night. The high line was the preferred line around the speedway. The track had a little more bite in it this week and Wood took to the top of the track and put the hammer down. Unwavering, Wood stayed there until the end.

This also might have caused him so problems. A couple of lapped cars stayed in the groove that Wood was running. By not moving his line, Wood made contact with the lapped cars. Hoping not to have anything go wrong, the Gods smiled down on Wood and he drove to the win.

Mike Higley drove from the 9th starting spot in the feature to 2nd, it was Higley’s brother, Steven Goodman, with his 1st top 5 at Lakeside Speedway, Nick Newton, who was last week’s feature winner drove to an impressive 4th place finish and rounding out the top 5 would be Terry Bruner.

Lakeside Speedway will be back in action again next Friday night, May 18. Spectator gates will open at 5 p.m., hot laps 7 p.m. and the first green will wave at 7:30 p.m.

Adult tickets are $12, kids 8 to 14 $6 and children 7 and under are FREE.

For more information on Lakeside Speedway, visit them on the world wide web at

Modifieds – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 8 1K Tim Karrick Basehor , Ks 50.00
2 10 87 Darron Fuqua Mayetta , Ks 48.00
3 4 3 Larry “bubba” Harvey, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 46.00
4 11 77 Cody Agler Emporia , Ks 44.00
5 15 7J Justin Johnson Gardner , Ks 42.00
6 7 13 Joe Walker Harrisonville , Mo 40.00
7 9 70 Aaron Marrant Orrick , Mo 38.00
8 5 81 Tom Charles Bonner Springs, Ks 36.00
9 12 15 Nic Bidinger Perry , Ks 34.00
10 2 14B Darren Bennett Tonganoxie , Ks 32.00
11 16 68 Kerry Davis Parkville , Mo 30.00
12 13 0 Joe Cobb Kansas City, Ks 28.00
13 6 81J Dan Charles Basehor , Ks 26.00
14 19 88 Donnie Burlington, Jr. Kansas City, Mo 24.00
15 14 8 Mark Hoover Maryville , Mo 22.00
16 20 28L Nick Little Plattsburg , Mo 20.00
17 1 28 Jerry Liston, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 18.00
18 18 38 Matt Pugh Overland Park, Ks 16.00
19 21 7 David Edwards Kansas City, Ks 14.00
20 3 99 Tim North, Jr. Olathe , Ks 12.00
21 17 96 Danny Barker – 10.00
22 22 4J Jake Richards Kansas Ctiy, Ks 8.00
23 23 9 Brad Dibben Kansas City, Mo 6.00
24 24 34 Mark Schafman Edwardsville , Ks 0.00 DNS
More Results

Grand National – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 7 30 Darren Kling Basehor , Ks 50.00
2 6 3E Kelby Ostrander Oskaloosa , Ks 48.00
3 3 18 Frank Littrell Claycomo , Mo 46.00
4 2 44 Sam Schuler, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 44.00
5 11 52 Jim Baker Kansas City, Ks 42.00
6 15 22 Chris Littrell Kansas City, Mo 40.00
7 4 54 Eddie Ingram – 38.00
8 19 07 Tony Brown Kansas City, Mo 36.00
9 16 1 Christopher Smith Kansas City, Mo 34.00
10 17 711 Bill Ruisinger Bonner Springs, Ks 32.00
11 10 42T Tim Shields Kansas City, Mo 30.00
12 5 29 Dennis Melvin, Sr. Basehor , Ks 28.00
13 9 6 Marshall Jewett Gardner , Ks 26.00
14 14 2MB Mike Busby Kansas City, Mo 24.00
15 12 2 Dave Powell Kearney , Mo 22.00
16 1 23M Michael Morse, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 20.00
17 21 72 Matt Dibben Smithville , Mo 18.00
18 8 28D Gary Donaldson Liberty , Mo 16.00
19 13 9 Don Marrs Shawnee , Ks 14.00
20 18 26 Donnie Brown Lancaster , Ks 12.00
21 20 60 James Glackin Kansas City, Ks 10.00
22 22 11T Mike Taylor, Jr. Kansas City, Mo 8.00
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Factory Stock – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 27 Jason Ryun Kansas City, Mo 50.00
2 12 37 Justin Seifert Kansas City, Ks 48.00
3 5 1 J.r. Billings Kansas City, Ks 46.00
4 2 3B Darrin Christy Kansas City, Ks 44.00
5 6 56 Joe Smith, Jr Kansas City, Ks 42.00
6 8 05 Brett Heeter Kansas City, Ks 40.00
7 16 68M Caleb Mcclellan Kansas City, Mo 38.00
8 11 55 Sean Foster Smithville , Mo 36.00
9 9 12 Scotty Moore Kansas City, Ks 34.00
10 13 19 Jay Barnes Kearney , Mo 32.00
11 7 76 Adam Parris Kansas City, Ks 30.00
12 10 0T Bobby Tavis Iii Leavenworth , Ks 28.00
13 26 ON1 Jason Park Kansas City, Ks 26.00
14 3 7 Marshall Jewett Gardner , Ks 24.00
15 15 53W Larry Waters – 22.00
16 19 26 Anthony Whitham Kansas City, Mo 20.00
17 20 9P Marty Powell Kansas City, Mo 18.00
18 18 41K Vernon Kever Kansas City, Mo 16.00
19 24 73 Jason Cochran Kansas City, Ks 14.00
20 21 6 Hank Thompson Kansas City, Ks 12.00
21 1 46 Philip Holcomb Kansas City, Ks 10.00
22 14 33 Phil Snodgrass Kearney , Mo 8.00
23 17 91 Dalton Vanbebber Kansas City, Ks 6.00
24 23 T2 Tom Fogarty Olathe , Ks 4.00
25 25 29 Nate Barnes Kearney , Mo 0.00 DNS
26 22 17 Kevin W. Mcginnis Kansas City, Ks 0.00 DNS
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B Mods – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 14W Bobby Wood Rayville , Mo 50.00
2 9 11 Mike Higley Tecumseh , Ks 48.00
3 3 22G Steve Goodman Meriden , Ks 46.00
4 10 X33 Nick Newton Kansas City, Ks 44.00
5 8 8 Terry Bruner Sugar Creek, Mo 42.00
6 16 74 Rodney Schweizer Kansas City, Ks 40.00
7 7 23K Ben Kates Tonganoxie , Ks 38.00
8 4 7C Jake Richards Kansas City, Ks 36.00
9 6 42 Gene Claxton Kansas City, Mo 34.00
10 1 4D Doug Richards Edwardsville , Ks 32.00
11 14 181 Luke Nieman Nortonville , Ks 30.00
12 13 5 Rusty Trimble Kansas City, Ks 28.00
13 17 22 Steve Mcdowell Independence , Mo 26.00
14 23 38 Nic Bennett Grain Valley, Mo 24.00
15 12 20T Mike Tanner Kansas City, Mo 22.00
16 18 C9 Kent Caldwell Lawrence , Ks 20.00
17 21 21 Bill Custer Kansas City, Ks 18.00
18 15 17 Dean Galvan Bonner Springs, Ks 16.00
19 5 21K Kevin Sloan Easton , Ks 14.00
20 11 70 Aaron Marrant Orrick , Mo 12.00
21 24 25 Tim Billings Liberty , Mo 10.00
22 19 222 Colten Stevens Basehor , Ks 8.00
23 22 84 Anthony Maucelli, Jr. Kansas City, Mo 6.00
24 20 30 Jason White Basehor , Ks 4.00
25 25 1D Dj Demotte Basehor , Ks 0.00 DNS
More Results

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