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Close Finishes At Humboldt Speedway

It was a photo finish for the Pure Stock A Main! Dayton Sutterby Finishline Photography

by Scott Lee Stewart – After raining out last weekend, beautiful weather and the promise of action packed both the stands and the pits at “The Hummer”. No one left disappointed.

Pure Stock led off the evenings feature action; Derek Michael looked strong early, then broke. So, Tyler Kidwell took the lead, and for all practical purposes appeared ready to take home yet another trophy. Levi Phillips, however, had other ideas. Waiting paitently behind Kidwell, maintaining pressure, Phillips made a daring last lap charge that netted him the feature win by mere inches at the flag. With Kidwell second, third place went to Mike Churning, while Jared Hayden and Timothy Beth rounded out the top five.

19 B-Mods started the feature, and even after a Talledaga style wreck on the back
straight away thinned the field, intense racing insued. Trevor “The Real Deal” Hunt
paced the field for the win. Tim VanGotten dueled with Scott Drake as they finished
second and third respectively. Riley Whitworth captured fourth, while Jimmie Davis
finished fifth.

As an added bounus for fans, the Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers paid a visit as
well. That feature was won by Zac Simmons, driving a former late model chassis
draped with an awesome looking Studebaker body from somewhere in the 50’s.

In Factory Stock, Scott Stuart was, once again, the winner. Runner up spot changed
hands numerous times, before being claimed by David Matlock. From deep in the field,
Derrek Wilson finished third, Nick Fritch took fourth, and Clint Drake was fifth.

Finally, in USRA Modified action, Johnny Bone, Jr. continued his winning ways with
another feature win. The hotly contested runner up spot featured an epic battle hard
won by John Allen over Jess Folk, Jr. Starting 18th in the field, Al Purkey provided
a driving clinic second to none on his way to fourth. Travis Smith finished fifth.

Lots more ahead at “The Hummer”, including the return of USMTS in two weeks, A
$4000.00 to win powerhouse show.

Humboldt Speedway
Humboldt, Kansas 66748
Race Results
Date of Race: Friday, June 8, 2012

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
HEAT 1 Tyler Kidwell, Derek Michael, Jared Hayden, Danah Hampton, Timothy Beth, Floyd
HEAT 2 Levi Phillips, Mike Churning, Ryan Smith, Tony Morris, Josh Thomas, Mike Aiello

A FEATURE Levi Phillips, Tyler Kidwell, Mike Churning, Jared Hayden, Timothy Beth,
Derek Michael, Danah Hampton, Ryan Smith, Josh Thomas, Mike Aiello, Floyd

Factory Stock
HEAT 1 Scott Stuart, Tim Phillips, Brandon Weide, Jason Thurman, Billy Shadden, Chase
Walters, Brandon Tindle
HEAT 2 Nick Fritch, Jarrid Johnson, Chad Klauman, Derrek Wilson, Rick Aiello, Chris
HEAT 3 Clint Drake, David Matlock, Patrick Kay, Dennis Aiello, William Joyce, Dallas Joyce

A FEATURE Scott Stuart, David Matlock, Derrek Wilson, Nick Fritch, Clint Drake,
Jason Thurman, Patrick Kay, Brandon Weide, Tim Phillips, Chad Klauman, Dennis
Aiello, Rick Aiello, William Joyce, Chase Walters

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
HEAT 1 Riley Whitworth, Scott Collins, Brad Jarman, Curt Drake, Jack Knauss, Mike
Letterman, Steven Trester
HEAT 1 Scott Drake, Andy Bryant, Jimmie Davis, Jeremy Chambers, Craig Mintz, Leon Bash
HEAT 2 Trevor Hunt, Tim VanGotten, Jeremy Wilson, Jon Westhoff, Kenny Shaw, Matthew Thulin

A FEATURE Trevor Hunt, Tim VanGotten, Scott Drake, Riley Whitworth, Jimmie
Davis, Jeremy Wilson, Leon Bash, Bard Jarman, Steven Trester, Mike Letterman, Jon
Westhoff, Jack Knauss, Andy Bryant, Craig Mintz, Jeremy Chambers, Matthew Thulin,
Kenny Shaw, Scott Collins, Curt Drake

USRA Modified
HEAT 1 Randy Zimmerman, Justin Folk, John Allen, Dennis bishop, Mike Folk, Al Purkey
HEAT 2 Scott Daniels, Chase Sigg, Dalton Kirk, Allan Broers, Gene Hogan, Cody Schniepp
HEAT 3 Jess Folk Jr., Johnny Bone Jr., Travis Smith, Lucas Conley, Bryce Schniepp, Paden

A FEATURE Johnny Bone Jr., John Allen, Jess Folk Jr., Al Purkey, Travis Smith, Scott
Daniels, Randy Zimmerman, Dalton Kirk, Justin Folk, Cody Schniepp, Dennis
Bishop, Gene Hogan, Bryce Schniepp, Mike Folk, Allen Broers, Lucas Conley, Chase
Sigg, Paden Phillips

Vintage Cars:
HEAT 1 Jason Jackson, Chris Nelson, BJ Paige, Dale Reese, Pat Trusler
HEAT 2 Zac Simmons, Keith Simmons, Allen Guthire, Mark Selsor, Wyatt Trusler
A FEATURE Zac Simmons, Dale Reese, Keith Simmons, Jason Jackson, Allen Guthire,
Mark Selsor, Chris Nelson, Pat Trusler

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