Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Petty Uses Late Caution In Midway Factory Victory

A late race caution allowed veteran Factory Stock driver Tim Petty to get
around leader Bob Gustin on the final lap in taking his second win of the
season at the Midway Speedway Saturday Night.

The Factory feature had Petty to take the opening lead on lap 1 from his
third starting spot.On the second lap Matt Miller making his first race of
the season took over the lead while Dylan Keepper closed-up the gap.Miller
setting a quick pace on the field would see a caution fly on lap 5 for
Frank Escamilla.On the restart, Miller kept Keepper at bay as Bob Gustin
and Petty were working the field back to the front.Gustin made it to second
place by lap 10 and got a chance to take the lead on lap 11 as caution
flew.Miller and Gustin raced for the top spot, until lap 14 when he spun
taking him to the back of the pack.Gustin would lead as the white
flew.Petty waite patiently and made the winng move on the final lap as
Keepper grabbed the second place spot with Gustin, a hard charging Ted
Welschmeyer and Mike Murzynski in the top 5.

The B-Modified feature was all Cody Nivens tonight.Nivens took the lead
from pole setter Tommy McBride.Nivens would then see DeWayne Hobbs move
into the second place spot on lap 5.Hobbs began to close-up the gap and got
a chance to overtake Nivens as caution flew on lap 9 for McBride.Current
point leader Ted Ballinger moved into second on the restart,but Hobbs got
back around the following lap.A late race caution for Bill Schaar’s spin
set-up a shot for hobbs to get the win,but nivens would capture his second
win of the season.Hobbs, Ballinger,Greg Strong and Brian Myers followed.

Pure Stock point leader Rob White found his way back into the winner’s
circle as he took the opening lead on lap 1 and withstood a late race
charge from last weeks winner Tyler Schoen.White and defending titlest Matt
Young stayed close until lap 4 when Young went around.Rookie Caleb Starnes
then moved into second place unil lap 6 when he pulled out of action.Schoen
who had spun on lap 3 was moving back towards the front pack.White would
then have to hold off constant runs back Schoen to take the victory as
Schoen, young, Jim Alexstates and Christopher Sawyer completed the top5.

Street Stock feature action saw last weeks winner Melin Smith get back to
back wins.Karla Lampe took the opening spot on lap1 with point leader Mark
Simon and Joe Francis moving quickly.On lap 2 Lampe,Simon, Rodney Yost and
Brandon Henderson all spun.this place Francis is the lead as Smith
patiently waited.Smith took over on lap 4 as Simon and Francis raced
hard.With Smith holding the lead,Simon got around Francis on lap 14 and
gave chase,but Smith would get win number 2 and his second straight.Simon,
Francis, Lampe and Henderson rounded the top 5.

Midwest Modified point leader Sam Petty kept his winning ways by moving
from the 7th starting spot and took the lead on lap 5 from leader Travis
Hill.Hill set the quick pace early as Justin Darby followed.By lap 3 Petty
moved into second place and closed up the gap.On lap 5,Petty went around
Hill and then had to hold off a mid race move from Bennie Joiner.Joiner
would get a chance to grab the lead as caution flew on lap11 as Billy
Pearce spun.On the restart, Petty held his line taking the win as Joiner
with an outstanding run followed.Early leader Hill, Mark Davis and Pearce
complete the top 5.

Next Saturday Night actions continues with a special on track autograph
session at intermission for the fans.Racing begins at 7:30 with Factory
Stocks,B-Modifieds,Pure Stocks,Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks.


Factory Stocks-1-Tim Petty 2-Dylan Keepper 3-Bob Gustin 4-Ted
Welschmeyer 5-Mike Murzynski 6-Matt Miller 7-Mark Simon 8-Shawn Whitman
9-Frank Escamilla DNS-Brandon Waters,David Hendrix

B Modifieds-1-Cody Nivens 2-DeWayne Hobbs 3-Ted Ballinger 4-Greg Strong
5-Brian Myers 6-Bill Schaar 7-Tim Ballinger 8-Tommy McBride DNS-Jason Otto,
Tony Moore

Pure Stocks-1-Rob White 2-Tyler Schoen 3-Matt Young 4-Jim Alexstates
5-Christopher Sawyer 6-John McGuire 7-Bo Alexstates 8-Caleb Starnes 9-Mike
Walker 10-Monk Barker

Street Stocks-1-Melvin Smith 2-Mark Simon 3-Joe Francis 4-Karla Lampe
5-Brandon Henderson 6-Rodney Yost 7-Chad Schlict

Midwest Modified-1-Sam Petty 2-Bennie Joiner 3-Travis Hill 4-Mark Davis
5-Billy Pearce 6-Justin Darby 7-Jamie Petty

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