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Phillips On The Money At Grain Valley

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Trenton Berry, MLRA PR (June 15, 2012) Grain Valley, MO – Terry Phillips worked through lapped traffic and navigated the tricky Valley Speedway to score his series leading one hundred second win with the Lucas Oil MLRA Friday night in Grain Valley, MO. “The car was on the money,” said Phillips on scoring his first win in his new Bloomquist Race Car. “I went to Eldora last week and raced with the best. You get faster. That helped out a lot. I’m pretty excited. It’s a process, more than jumping in one, and going fast. ”

Tony Jackson Jr. won his heat race early in the night and sat on the outside pole for the forty lap feature. His second place finish is the best this season with the series. John Anderson went from sixth to third in the heat race and started the feature in sixth. He knocked off three spots in the race and wound up 3rd. Jackson Jr. and Anderson provided an entertaining battle back and forth as they swapped positions several times. The three heat races were won by Terry Phillips, Tony Jackson Jr. and Justin Asplin.

Jason Bodenhamer was the evening’s KRC Hard Charger award winner as he passed eleven cars to finish fifth. Mark Dotson had his second straight top ten finish and trails Kevin Sather by just seven points for Rookie of the Year honors.

Tomorrow the Lucas Oil MLRA will head west to Thunder Hill Speedway in Mayeta, KS. Both races were rained out last season at the high banked blistering fast oval. The gates will open at 5:00 PM with racing scheduled to start at 7:30 PM.

6/15/12 Contingency Awards

Performance Bodies – Justin Asplin

KRC Hard Charger – Jason Bodenhamer

KRC Hard Luck – Kevin Sather

Weld Wheels – Scott Koskovich

BSB Manufacturing – Mike Collins

R2C Performance Products – Terry Phillips

Keizer Wheels – Dustin Walker

Wilwood Engineering – Tony Jackson Jr.

Wehrs Machine and Racing Products – Kevin Sather

Current Top Five Point Standings

1. John Anderson 507

2. Jeese Stovall 362

3. Terry Phillips 356

4. Kevin Sather 355

5. Mark Dotson 348

Full Results

Lucas Cattle Company A Feature (40 Laps): 1. Terry Phillips (Springfield, MO), 2. Tony Jackson, Jr (Lebanon, MO), 3. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 4. Jesse Stovall (Galena, MO), 5. Jason Bodenhammer (Centerview, MO), 6. Matt Johnson (Archie, MO), 7. Dave Eckrich (Oxford, IA), 8. Justin Asplin (Birch Tree, MO), 9. Mark Dotson (Cameron, MO), 10. Kevin Coyne (Kingsville, MO), 11. Scott Koskovich (Omaha, NE), 12. Bryon Allison (Marshall, MO), 13. Jon Binning (Warrensburg, MO), 14. Dustin Walker (Peculiar, MO), 15. Mike Collins (Council Bluffs, IA), 16. Jimmy Morris (Kingsville, MO), 17. Joe Walkenhorst (Lees Summit, MO), 18. Kevin Sather (Des Moines, IA), 19. Bill Leighton (Omaha, NE)

Lucas Oil Products Heat 1 (10 Laps): 1. Terry Phillips (Springfield, MO), 2. Matt Johnson (Archie, MO), 3. Jesse Stovall (Galena, MO), 4. Bryon Allison (Marshall, MO), 5. Bill Leighton (Omaha, NE), 6. Jason Bodenhammer (Centerview, MO), 7. Jimmy Morris (Kingsville, MO)

Wehrs Machine and Racing Products Heat 2 (10 Laps): 1. Tony Jackson, Jr (Lebanon, MO), 2. Mike Collins (Council Bluffs, IA), 3. John Anderson (Omaha, NE), 4. Mark Dotson (Cameron, MO), 5. Dustin Walker (Peculiar, MO), 6. Jon Binning (Warrensburg, MO)

Peterson Fluid Systems Heat 3 (10 Laps): 1. Justin Asplin (Birch Tree, MO), 2. Kevin Sather (Des Moines, IA), 3. Dave Eckrich (Oxford, IA), 4. Scott Koskovich (Omaha, NE), 5. Joe Walkenhorst (Lees Summit, MO), 6. Kevin Coyne (Kingsville, MO)

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