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Keeter Fends Off Dalton At Springfield USRA Mid Season Event

Ronnie Williams – Springfield, Mo.- Mitch Keeter took command on lap 11 from Corey Weir and held off repeated attempts by current point leader Jackie Dalton in taking his third Budweiser USRA Modified victory Saturday Night at the “Quick-Quarter” of the Springfield Raceway during the Mid-Season Championships as 96 race teams competed.

Corey Weir grabbed the opening lead with hard charging Danny DeMasters
following as three wide action followed.

Weir in his 5 Star Roofing/Yeoman Engines 78Jr continued to set a fast pace
as DeMasters, Robbie Bryant, and Rob Muilenburg followed. Caution flew on
lap 6 as Rex Merritt came to a halt in turn 4 bunching the field up. On the
restart, Weir was fending off DeMasters as current point leader Jackie
Dalton and Keeter had moved up in the pack and contending. Caution flew
again on lap 8 for a multi-car incident. Weir now had Dalton and Keeter
along with Bryant and John Yeoman close behind. With Dalton picking the top
lane on the restart, it placed Keeter down low as Weir had the two track
champions putting on pressure. Weir held the low line as Keeter took his
Mid-America Rebuilders/Yeoman Engines right on the youngster’s bumper.
Keeter took the top spot on lap 11 as Dalton in the Carthage
Lock-N-Key/Garrison Performance car to second place. The final caution waved
on lap 14 setting up some great action. Keeter again holding off Dalton as
2010 Turkey Classic winner Jody Tillman fond the extreme high side to his
liking and shot to third spot and challenged. Keeter kept Dalton at bay for
the final laps to take his third win while Dalton took the Mid-Season title
by only 2 points over Keeter. John Yeoman in the Yeoman’s Engine 25 year
special/Hoffman, DeMasters and Robbie Bryant in his CM Gear Works/GRT
rounded the top 5 as Tillman suffered problems slowing his charge. 16 of the
19 starters completed the lead lap.

Reliable Chevrolet USRA B-Modified action saw JC Morton grab the lead on lap 3
from Bobby Ratterree and never look back in taking his 2nd Transport Graphics
point win of the season at Springfield. Don Luna held a solid second place run
until giving way to current point leader Scott Drake. Drake grabbed the runner-up
spot on lap 6 but never could get to Morton while a 3 wide battle behind those
three took place. GM Performance 602 Reliable Crate Motors completed the top 3
spots with Morton in his McCoy Metals/Bill’s Built, Drake in the Transport
Graphics/Hoffman and Luna in the Trout-Jig.Com/Hoffman as Jon Yeoman Jr. and
points runner-up Mike Hailmann completed the top 5. Drake would grab the
Mid-Season title.

Lots of action and excitement in the Wheeler Metals Legends would help decide the
Mid Season Championship as a new winner took home the win. Hard Charging Paul
Horton would lead the field of 17 to the opening green flag as Jay Reynolds and
Calvin Garner followed. On lap 2, Reynolds took the top spot as current point
leader Hailmann and runner-up Justin Comer were coming through the field as only 1
point separated the duo. Reynolds got a little to deep in turn 1 and went around
bringing out the caution. This placed Tyler Horton in the lead as Comer and
Hailmann went to battle. With Young Horton setting a quick pace, all eyes were on
this battle for second place. Following a lap 11 restart, Hailmann and Comer made
contact in turn 1 sending Comer around and collecting up Paul Horton, Caleb
McDugle, Larry Smoot, and Matt Gruenberg, and Wayne Johnston. Both drivers were
sent to the back of the field. T. Horton would hold off Reynolds for the final
laps to take his first win of the season while Reynolds, a last lap move to third
for Justin Comer, Billy Cottrill and Hailmann in the top 5. Justin Comer would
take the Mid-season Title by 1 point over Hailmann.

Casey’s General Stores Midwest Mod action would see Trevor Drake take command on
lap 7 from a fast moving Austin Johnson to take the win along with the Mid-Season
Title. A hard charging Nathan Gold, Todd McGregor, Rusty Forrest and early leader
Johnson followed as 15 of the 19 starters completed the lead lap. Jordan Green
would lead the opening lap with Johnson taking command on lap 2 as Gold applied
pressure. A late race caution really bunched-up the field and changed the running
order with only 2 laps remaining.

Another Mid-Season title would be decided in the Pepsi Pure Stocks and the end
result would be a tie. 1st year driver Josh Bell would take the opening lead from
father Lenny Bell and hold the top spot for three laps. Current point leader Jack
Hamer took the lead the next lap and then Bret Testerman took over with Hamer on
his bumper. With Hamer holding only a 2 point margin and 2 points separating first
from second, Testerman would hold Hamer off to take his third win of the season
with Hamer, early leader Josh Bell, Philip Schloesser, and Mick Maggard in the top
5. Both Hamer and Testerman would be tied with both having three wins and sharing
the Mid-Season Championships.

A New winner in the Street Stock class saw Rex Sawyer claim his first win of the
season after taking the lead from Wayne Bysor. With Sawyer holding a solid line,
Shawn Schmidt returned after a few weeks out of action to come on strong and grab
the runner-up spot. Early leader Bysor, Mid-Season Champion Jim Reid and Daniel
Deason completed the top 5 as the feature went caution free.

Wesley Smith took the lead from Grayson Cox on lap 4 to grab the Young Lions
Legend feature for kids 16 and under. Cox really set a smooth pace early as Smith
and Kylan Garner were side by side. Garner’s night ended on lap 5 with fluids
leaking out of the car. Smith not only took the win but also the Mid-Season title
over Garner.

Action continues Saturday night June 23rd with a special USRA Modified $800 to win
and $100 to start 25-lap feature along with the start of the 2nd half Transport
Graphics points chase. All cars will open draw and passing points to set the
feature. USRA Modified Drivers in the top 8 will redraw for their starting spots.

Grandstand gates open at 5 with hot laps at 6 and racing at 7PM.


USRA Modifieds-1) Mitch Keeter-Webb City 2) Jackie Dalton-Carthage 3) John Yeoman-
Joplin 4) Danny DeMasters II- Neosho 5) Robbie Bryant-Willard 6) Jerry Lankton-
Lampe 7) Bobby Pearish- Oronogo 8) Corey Weir-Nixa 9) Jody Tillman- West Branson 10)
Rob Muilenburg- Sparta 11) Dave Elson- Springfield 12) Dairan Hendrix- Joplin 13)
Andy Aust 14) Scott Symmonds- Bolivar 15) Fred Slagle- Pierce City 16) Rusty Weir-
Nixa 17) Kelly Hicks- Pea Ridge, Ark. 18) Rex Merritt- Billings 19) Nick Whitehead-

1st Ht-1) Muilenburg 2) Dalton 3) Hendrix 4) C Weir 5) R Weir 6) Elson 7) Aust

2nd Ht-1) Bryant 2) Keeter 3) Yeoman 4) Lankton 5) Whitehead 6) Slagle

3rd Ht-1) Pearish 2) Merritt 3) DeMasters 4) Tillman 5) Hicks 6) Symmonds

USRA B Modifieds 1) JC Morton- Springfield 2) Scott Drake- Webb City 3) Don Luna-
St James 4) Jon Yeoman Jr- Granby 5) Mike Hailmann- Reed Springs 6) Gary Rodocker-
Willard 7) Ryan Hendrix- Joplin 8) John Hurn-Joplin 9) Thomas Hylton- Avilla 10)
Ryan Stacye- Fair Grove 11) Brandon Maggard- Springfield 12) Toby Thompson- Mt
Grove 13) Jeremy Thulin- Miami, Okla. 14) Andy Beauchamp- Springfield 15) Aaron
Speck- Republic DNS-Rick Cash- Joplin DQ-Bobby Ratterree- Mt Grove Kaleb
Copher-Webb City

1st Ht-1) Morton 2) Yeoman Jr. 3) Hendrix 4) Thulin 5) Speck 6) Maggard

2nd Ht-1) Drake 2) Luna 3) Rodocker 4) Hurn DQ(From Feature results) Ratterree, Copher

3rd Ht-1) Hailmann 2) Stacye 3) Beauchamp 4) Thompson 5) Hylton DNS-Cash

Midwest Mod- 1) Trevor Drake- Webb City 2) Nathan Gold- Willard 3) Todd McGregor-
Clever 4) Rusty Forrest- Ozark 5) Austin Johnson- Joplin 6) Rusty Adams- Miami,
Okla. 7) Michael Page- Webb City 8) Shawn Eggeman- Willard 9) Taylor Moore- Bois
D’ Arc 10) Bobby Gough- Joplin 11) Steve Moore- Springfield 12) Craig Keeter- Webb
City 13) Ken Walker- Springfield 14) Mike Cooper- Highlandville 15) Joshua Hughes-
Springfield 16) Ty Jackson- Springfield 17) Robert Tosh- Joplin 18) Jordan Green-
Rolla 19) Matthew Thulin- Miami, Okla.

1st Ht-1) Drake 2) Walker 3) Gough 4) Keeter 5) Page 6) Tosh

2nd Ht-1) Moore 2) Johnson 3) Eggeman 4) Thulin 5) Cooper 6) Hughes

3rd Ht-1) Forrest 2) Green 3) McGregor 4) Gold 5) Moore 6) Adams 7) Jackson

Legends- 1) Tyler Horton- Joplin 2) Jay Reynolds- Springfield 3) Justin
Comer-Joplin 4) Billy Cottrill- Joplin 5) Mike Hailmann- Reed Springs 6) Darrell
McWhirter- Bentonville, Ark 7) James McDugle- Quapaw, Okla. 8) Rodney Baird-
Oldfield 9) Matt Gruenberg- Joplin 10) Bill Cottrill- Joplin 11) Nichole Cottrill-
Joplin 12) Wayne Johnston-Rolla 13) Caleb McDugle- Quapaw, Okla. 14) Paul Horton-
Joplin 15) Larry Smoot- Joplin 16) Calvin Garner- Sarcoxie 17) Doug Wilson- Joplin

1st Ht-1) Johnston 2) Garner 3) Billy Cottrill 4) Hailmann 5) Baird 6) Bill
Cottrill 7) Gruenberg 8) N Cottrill

2nd Ht-1) Reynolds 2) J Comer 3) T Horton 4) C McDugle 5) P Horton 6) J McDugle 7)
McWhirter 8) Wilson 9) Smoot

Pure Stocks- 1) Bret Testerman-Miami, Okla. 2)Jack Hamer- Ava 3) Josh Bell-
Willard 4) Philip Schloesser- Exeter 5) Mick Maggard- Springfield 6) Lenny
Bell-Willard 7) Danny Vasquez- Springfield 8) Darrell Storment- Bolivar 9) Tanner
Sitton- Bolivar 10) Tyler Thulin- Miami, Okla. 11) Joey Blackston- Springfield

1st Ht-1) Hamer 2) J Bell 3) Schloesser 4) Vasquez 5) Sitton

2nd Ht-1) Thulin 2) Testerman 3) L Bell 4) Maggard 5) Blackston DNS-Storment

Street Stocks-1) Rex Sawyer- Ava 2) Shawn Schmidt- Springfield 3) Wayne Bysor-
Bolivar 4) Jim Reid- Springfield 5) Daniel Deason- Bolivar 6) Kim Kaasa-
Springfield 7) Wayne Morris- Miami, Okla. DNS-Thomas Hardesty

Ht-1) Schmidt 2) Sawyer 3) Morris 4) Kaasa 5) Bysor 6) Deason 7) Reid DNS-Hardesty

Young Lions Legends- 1) Wesley Smith- Nixa 2) Grayson Cox- Joplin 3) Ty
McWhirter-Bentonville, Ark. 4) Kylan Garner- Sarcoxie

Ht-1) Smith 2) Cox 3) Garner 4) McWhirter

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