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McClelland Magic Again At Springfield Raceway With Perry Memorial Midget Win As Keeter Rolling In USRA Modifieds

Springfield, Mo.- Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Brian McClelland used some of that McClelland name magic Saturday night in capturing the 25 lap Midget feature in the Summer Perry Memorial at the “Quick Quarter” of the Springfield Raceway.

Eric Todd jumped to the opening lead from his row 2 starting spot as early drivers were moving around. Colton Brewer moved into the runner-up spot and began to close the gap. Caution waved on lap 5 as Galvin Galbraith spun in turn 4. On the restart, Todd found Jonathan Beson closing quickly as McClelland who starter the feature 9th moved around Eric Fenton and Brewer for position. With clear track ahead, Todd kept glued down low as McClelland began to close ground. On lap 15, Todd’s chances for victory came to an end as he made contact with lapped traffic almost causing his car to flip. McClelland who had been closing quickly grabbed the lead as Fenton and Bison both charged close. Beson applied late race pressure, but McClelland withstood the charge in taking the $1200 to win event. Beson, Brewer, Fenton and defending event winner Todd McVay completed the top 5 runners. The event was held for the first time at the Springfield Raceway as the Perry family were former owners and operators of the track then known as Airport speedway. Summer lost her life in a car wreck in 2009. Sawyer had a large group of race sponsors who made the outstanding payout possible.

In Budweiser USRA Modified action, former track champion Mitch Keeter took the
lead from his outside front row starting spot and keeps applying pressure in the
championship chase by grabbing the 20 lap feature. Keeter took the opening lead
with Rex Merritt and Brian Green following. Bobby Pearish began a charge forward
and by lap 4 moved around Merritt to take the runner-up spot. After starting 8th
tonight, John Yeoman began to climb up the ladder and moved by Merritt for third
place by lap 6. With Keeter moving high and low, Pearish and Yeoman began to
apply pressure to the Webb City driver. Caution waved on lap 7 for Corey Weir as
the field bunched-up on the restart. Keeter kept in the middle lane as Yeoman,
Merritt, Green and Steve Muilenburg were side by side. Yeoman also in the close
championship hunt, moved around Pearish on lap 9 and closed-in on Keeter.
Current USRA track point leader Jackie Dalton came to life and after starting
11th tonight moved up the leader board and into 4th by lap 10. While Keeter had
Yeoman closing in quickly, Dalton and Pearish swapped spots for the next 4 laps
before Dalton took the position. On lap 15,Keeter moved to the top side and
began to pull away in taking his 4th feature win of the season. Keeter in his
Mid-America Rebuilders/TRE/Yeoman Engines entry didn’t have it easy even though
leading all 20 laps. Yeoman with his 25th Anniversary Yeoman Engines/Hoffman
Race Cars kept Keeter honest with Dalton in the Doug’s Pro Lube/Garrison
Performance/Hoffman, Pearish in the Pearish Construction/Yeoman Engines/Hoffman
and Green in his Green Motor Sports/GM Performance CT525/Doug’s Pro Lube
completed the top 5. 16 of the 20 starters finished on the lead lap.

Current Reliable Chevrolet B Modified point leader Scott Drake had to overcome an
early incident and came roaring to the front to take the top spot on lap 11 from
Jon Yeoman Jr in capturing the USRA B Modified feature. Rookie Michael Page took
the opening lead with Kaleb Copher and Thomas Hylton following. On lap 2, Hylton
who had a great run tonight had contact with Drake in turn 2 knocking Hylton out
of the feature. On the restart, Jon Yeoman Jr. grabbed the lead and was setting a
fast pace. Copher kept the pressure on Yeoman as Don Luna came from the 10th
starting spot to move with the leaders. On lap 7, Luna powered his GM Performance
602 Crate Motor to second and was pressuring Yeoman. With a couple of cautions in
the middle of this race, the field kept bunched tight. On lap 11,Drake shot to
the top side as Luna and Yeoman were side by side. With Drake in front, the
battle for second was tight as the final caution waved on lap 18. Yeoman picked
the low groove on the restart as Drake kept to the extreme top side. Yeoman and
Luna made contact as both drivers gathered their cars back up as JOCK Morton made
a bold move around both to secure the runner-up position as Yeoman, Copher and
defending track champion Bobby Maggard Jr. completed the top 5. 16 of the
scheduled 23 starters finished on the lead lap.

Rusty Forrest shot around leader Craig Keeter on lap 4 and then withstood several
attempts by Trevor Drake in capturing the Casey’s General Stores Midwest Modz
feature. Keeter and Gary Krebs kept things tight early in the feature as 3 wide
racing was the norm. Forrest played a waiting game early then began his charge to
the front runners. A couple of late cautions kept spots shuffling around as Drake
would pull even, but Forrest had the top line working tonight. Following the lead
duo to the stripe were Ty Jackson, early leader Keeter, and Krebs. 17 of the 19
starters completed the lead lap as again an outstanding feature by this class.

Wheeler Metals Legends held the Missouri Nationals Qualifier tonight as the Pro,
Masters, and Semi-Pro winners would accept the hardware. A 20 car field took the
opening green with Paul Horton grabbing the opening lead. Early season dominator
Mike Hailmann went both high and low from his 5th starting spot and over took
Horton on lap 2 as Rod Baird held a solid second place. Hailmann kept the quick
pace as Baird, Chuck Comer, Wayne Johnston and Park Jones were locked in battle.
On lap 7, caution waved as Tyler Horton spun and also collecting the McDugle team
of Young Caleb and father James ending their night. Hailmann again took command on
the restart as Baird was battling with C. Comer, Johnston Jay Reynolds and current
point leader Justin Comer. Hailmann pulled away during the long green flag run
leaving the race for second place. Baird stayed solid until lap 15 when he began
to slow up as the Comer family of Uncle Chuck and Justin Comer were at bay with
Reynolds. Hailmann captured his 8th feature win of the season with Justin Comer
taking the runner-up spot on the last lap followed by Chuck Comer, Reynolds and
Park Jones. Overall Hailmann took the Pro division while Reynolds was Semi-Pro
winner and Paul Horton in the Masters class.

Pepsi Pure Stock action was wild and exciting in the opening laps. 15 year old
Tyler Thulin took the opening lead with Philip Schloesser following. Rookie Danny
Vasquez got loose out of turn 4 and things got really interesting as Jack
Hamer,Elizabeth Jolley and the field behind went all over. Everyone gathered the
cars up as the green stayed out and Jolley to the pits with problems. Thulin would
lead until lap 3 when Eric clay came from row 4 to overtake the leader. Point
leader Brett Testerman grabbed the runner-up spot by lap 6 as Hamer was charging
from deep in the pack. With Clay in front, lap 10 really got thing interesting as
Testerman spun bunching the field together.Clay brought the group to the restart
as Hamer was now closing in on the lead. In the closing 2 laps, Hamer got to
within 1 car, but tonight clay grabbed the win with Hamer, Schloesser, Thulin and
Scott Lampe completing the top 5 runners.

Up next Saturday July 28th will be the Casey’s General Stores Summer Meltdown
featuring the MLRA and MARS Super Late Models. In 3 Late model events this season
at Springfield there has been 3 different winners as top runners and MARS Point
leader Jesse Stovall, MLRA Point leader John Anderson, Tony Jackson Jr. Branson
Morton, Justin Wells, Ken Essary and many others compete in the 40 lap feature
along with a full Transport Graphics Championship Chase including USRA Modifieds,
USRA B Modifieds, Legends, Young Lions, Midwest Modz, Pure Stocks, and Street

Pit Gates will open at 4PM with hot laps at 6:30 and Racing at 7:30. Grandstand
gates for action at the “Quick-Quarter” will open at 5:30. Grandstand Admission
will be $20 with kids 6-12 $5 and under 6 Free. Pit Passes will be $35 for this
event. For more information visit the website at WWW.SpringfieldRaceway.Com or
contact Jerry Hoffman at 417-673-7426

Results-Summer Perry Memorial

A Ft-1)Brian McClelland 2)Jonathan Beason 3)Colton Brewer 4)Eric Fenton 5)Todd McVay
6)Pat Schudy 7)Curtis Boyer 8)Adam Jones 9)Karley Dobson 10)Richard Kreisel
11)Galvin Galbraith 12)Bill Allen 13)Eric Todd 14)Jonathon Sawyer DNS Todd Jackson
DNS Jay Mounce
1st Ht-1)Galbraith 2)Brewer 3)Schudy 4)Kreisel 5)McClelland 6)Jones 7)Allen 8)Mounce
2nd Ht-1)Fenton 2)Todd 3)Boyer 4)Dobson 5)Sawyer 6)Beason 7)Jackson 8)McVay

USRA Budweiser Modifieds
A Ft-1)Mitch Keeter 2)John Yeoman 3)Jackie Dalton 4)Bobby Pearish 5)Brian Green
6)Steve Muilenburg 7)Rex Merritt 8)Robbie Bryant 9)Travis Smith 10)Jody Tillman
11)Jerry Lankton 12)Nick Whitehead 13)Rob Muilenburg 14)Billy Dalton 15)Fred Slagle
16)Daniel Franklin 17)Scott Symmonds 18)Andy Aust 19)Corey Weir 20)Danny DeMasters
1st Ht-1)Yeoman 2)Smith 3)Bryant 4)Weir 5)B Dalton 6)Tillman 7)Whitehead
2nd Ht-1)S Muilenburg 2)Pearish 3)Green 4)Lankton 5)Symmonds 6)Franklin 7)Aust
3rd Ht-1)Keeter 2)Merritt 3)R Muilenburg 4)J Dalton 5)DeMasters 6)Slagle

USRA Reliable Chevrolet B Modifieds
A Ft-1)Scott Drake 2)JC Morton 3)Jon Yeoman Jr. 4)Kaleb Copher 5)Bobby Maggard Jr
6)Don Luna 7)Andy Beauchamp 8)Tyler Chainey 9)Gary Rodocker 10)Toby Thompson
11)Dakota Maggard 12)Jared Thulin 13)TR Phillips 14)Ron McClellan 15)John Hurn
16)Blake Ellis 17)Michael Maggard 18)Mike Mansker 19)Jeremy Thulin 20)Thomas Hylton
21)Michael Page 22)Wayne Graybeal DNS-Ryan Hendrix
1st Ht-1)Drake 2)Beauchamp 3)M Maggard 4)Page 5)Phillips 6)McClellan 7)Chainey
2nd Ht-1)Morton 2)Yeoman Jr 3)D Maggard 4)Hurn 5)Ellis 6)Rodocker 7)B Maggard
3rd Ht-1)Luna 2)Copher 3)Hylton 4)Thompson 5)Thulin 6)J Thulin 7)Graybeal

Wheeler Metals Legends
A Ft-1)Mike Hailmann 2)Justin Comer 3)Chuck Comer 4)Jay Reynolds 5)Park Jones
6)Wayne Johnston 7)Billy Cottrill 8)Paul Horton 9)Bill Cottrill 10)Kylan Garner
11)Rex Merritt 12)Darrell McWhirter 13)Ty McWhirter 14)Calvin Garner 15)Doug Wilson
16)Rodney Baird 17)Matt Gruenberg 18)James McDugle 19)Caleb McDugle 20)Tyler Horton
1st Ht-1)Jones 2)J Comer 3)Billy Cottrill 4)Merritt 5)Bill Cottrill 6)McWhirter
2nd Ht-1)Hailmann 2)P Horton 3)C Garner 4)Johnston 5)Gruenberg 6)Wilson 7)T McWhirter
3rd Ht-1)Reynolds 2)C Comer 3)Baird 4)J McDugle 5)C McDugle 6)T Horton 7)K Garner

Casey’s Midwest Modz
A Ft-1)Rusty Forrest 2)Trevor Drake 3)Ty Jackson 4)Craig Keeter 5)Gary Krebs
6)Nathan Gold 7)Sam Petty 8)Austin Johnson 9)Ken Walker 10)Matthew Thulin 11)Bobby
Gough 12)Todd McGregor 13)Mike Cooper 14)Steve Moore 15)Brad Graves 16)Jordan Green
17)Robert Tosh 18)Taylor Moore 19)Josh Hughes
1st Ht-1)Moore 2)Jackson 3)Drake 4)Gold 5)Petty 6)McGregor 7)Tosh
2nd Ht-1)Green 2)Thulin 3)Forrest 4)Walker 5)Cooper 6)Hughes
3rd Ht-1)Keeter 2)Johnson 3)T Moore 4)Krebs 5)Gough 6)Graves

Pepsi Pure Stocks
A Ft-1)Eric clay 2)Jack Hamer 3)Philip Schloesser 4)Tyler Thulin 5)Scott Lampe
6)Brett Testerman 7)Danny Vasquez 8)Amanda Gruenberg 9)Mac Asbell 10)Elizabeth
Jolley DQ-Tanner Sitton DNS-Josh Bell, Lenny Bell
1st Ht-1)Schloesser 2)Hamer 3)Jolley 4)Lampe 5)Asbell DQ-Sitton
2nd Ht-1)Thulin 2)Testerman 3)Clay 4)Vasquez 5)Greunberg 6)J Bell 7) L. Bell

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