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Allen Wins As Fans ‘JAM THE STANDS’ At Humboldt

It was literally ‘standing room only’ as the fans packed into Humboldt Speedway on this special night! Dayton Sutterby FinishLine Photography

by Scott Lee Stewart – As we all know, without the loyal support of racing fans, our sport could not exist.

With that in mind, Humboldt Speedway’s promoters, Ron, Rhenda, and Ryan Whitworth threw the spectator gates wide open Friday night, no charge for general admission, as a way of saying “Thanks!”

To say that the night was tremendous would be an understatement. More than 3600 people packed every available seat. When asked, a surprising number of them had
never been to the Speedway before. Fans were treated to a truly great night of

John Allen used all of his considerable driving skill in winning the USRA Modified
feature, passing and being passed numerous time before settling into a comfortable
groove that lead to victory, despite intense pressure from runner up Steven Bowers,
Jr., who was actually on Allen’s back bumper at the finish line. After announcing
his retirement earlier in the season, Whitey Folk saddled up brother Jess, Jr.’s
ride and blasted from near the back of the 21 car field to claim third. Both Jessy
Willard and Scott Daniels ran strong early, before finishing fourth and fifth

USRA B-Mod action was dominated by Tim VanGotten, as the “Hammer” wired the field
for his second win in as many weeks. Jeremy Chambers was second in the event,
followed by Jimmie Davis, Curt Drake, and Blake Kisner.

And while Scott Stuart rolled on to another feature win in Factory Stock, it was
door to door combat for second place, which was eventually captured by Steve Stuart,
essentially on the last lap. David Matlock scored third, Tim Phillips and Dusty
Marvin rounded out the fab five.

Jeremy Willard, the defending Pure stock points champion, returned to the winners
circle this week, holding off Tyler Kidwell for the win. Levi Phillips tallied the
third spot, followed by Mike Aiello and Matthew Kay. Willard alos passed a post race
engine teardown performed by tech officials.

Next week, in addition to the regular show, will be Mechanic’s Races.
Humboldt Speedway
Humboldt, Kansas 66748

Race Results

Date of Race: Friday, August 17, 2012

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
HEAT 1 Tyler Kidwell, Derek Michael, Robert Shaughnessy, Matthew Kay, George Reimer,
Mike Churning
HEAT 2 Mike Aiello, Jeremy Willard, Levi Phillips, Bryon Wunschel, William Habiger, Tony
A FEATURE Jeremy Willard, Tyler Kidwell, Levi Phillips, Mike Aiello, Matthew Kay,
Mike Churning, Tony Morris, George Reimer, Dakotah Stewart, Robert Shaughnessy,
William Habiger, Bryon Wunschel, Derek Michael

Factory Stock
HEAT 1 Scott Stuart, Steve Stuart, Dustin Marvin, Rick Aiello, Clint Drake, Patrick Kay
HEAT 2 David Matlock, Tim Phillips, John Rosson, Brandon Weide, Derrick Wilson
A FEATURE Scott Stuart, Steve Stuart, David Matlock, Tim Phillips, Dustin Marvin,
Rick Aiello, Patrick Kay, John Rosson, Brandon Weide, Clint Drake

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
HEAT 1 Tim VanGotten, Curt Drake, Blake Kisner, Jeremy Wilson, Jason Thurman, Jon
Westhoff, Mike Letterman
HEAT 2 Andy Bryant, Craig Mintz, Ray Maloney, Riley Whitworth, Tyler James, Scott Collins,
Leon Bash
HEAT 3 Jeremy Chambers, Jimmie Davis, Kenny Shaw, Jeremy Bennett, Gene Becker, Dakota
A FEATURE Tim VanGotten, Jeremy Chambers, Jimmie Davis, Curt Drake, Blake
Kisner, Craig Mintz, Andy Bryant, Ray Maloney, Jason Thurman, Leon Bash, Riley
Whitworth, Jeremy Wilson, Kenny Shaw, Tyler James, Scott Collins, Mike Letterman,
Jon Westhoff, Gene Becker, Dakota Foster, Jeremy Bennett

USRA Modified
HEAT 1 Dennis Bishop, Chase Domer, Justin Becker, Chase Sigg, Lewis Jackson, Van
Gemmill, Bryce Schniepp
HEAT 2 Jessy Willard, John Allen, Paden Phillips, Randy Zimmerman, Justin Folk, Rick
Murcko, Allen Broers
HEAT 3 Scott Daniels, Steven Broers Jr., Stephen Muilenburg, Dalton Kirk, Cody Schniepp,
Gene Hogan, Tad Davis
A FEATURE John Allen, Steven Bowers Jr., Justin Folk, Jessy Willard, Scott Daniels,
Dalton Kirk, Cody Schniepp, Randy Zimmerman, Dennis Bishop, Paden Phillips, Rick
Murcko, Tad Davis, Chase Sigg, Bryce Schniepp, Gene Hogan, Van Gemmill, Chase
Domer, Justin Becker, Allan Broers, Stephen Muilenburg, Lewis Jackson

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