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Four New Winners On Open Night At I-35 Speedway

Bud Wilson speeds to another I-35 Speedway win. PictureMeRacing.Com

Open night allowed new drivers to run under their weekly track rules. And four new faces visited Victory Lane after fighting off some hard
charging regulars.

The IMCA Stock Car class still put on one of the best races you will see around just as they do every week. Kevin Anderson, Jon Boller Jr and Jamie Shirm would have a fierce battle for the lead. Anderson kept it throughout the entire race as Boller drifted back just a couple car lengths. Shirm tried the high side coming to the white flag but would push up the track giving the lead back to Anderson. But on the final time around turns 3 and 4 Shirm would find just the right line and swing pass Anderson for the win in his first ever appearance at I-35 Speedway. Anderson and Boller would finish second and third.
Jeremiah Asher a VERY rare appearance in the stock class and finished fourth in front of Shawn Lee in fifth. Schirm gained two spots for the hard charger award.

The Grand National feature belonged to Travis Walker but about halfway
thru Walker lost the right rear wheel and tire. That gave the lead and
eventual win to Bud Wilson. Austin Johnson would try to keep pace but
finished in second. Buz Kaster made a one race return to the Grand
National class to finish third. Bobby Penney was fourth with Walker
fifth. Kaster was the hard charger gaining two positions.

The Midwest Lightning Sprints have waited out the last two weeks of
rainouts to race at I-35 Speedway again. The field quickly got sorted
out and after pressure for half the race Bobby Layne held on for the
checkered flag. Phil Heavelow tried to find his way to the lead early
but had to settle for second. Mark Billings, Ken Brown and Tony Layne
rounded out the top five.

Maybe a preview of what’s to come on October 6th saw Aaron Marrant
and Nick Newton battle for the win in the SportMod/B Mod class.
Marrant led every lap to pick up the win but Newton stayed within striking
range the entire race. Clint Baker looked to have a better handling car than
he has all year but just couldn’t power down the straightaways like Marrant
and Newton. Wes Bestgen is getting closer to the front every week and
finished fourth with Anthony Asher looking much better finishing fifth. The
hard charger award went to Ben Stockton who had problems in his heat but
gained seven spots in
the feature.

The Hobby Stock class was guaranteed to have a first time
winner no matter what happened because none of the drivers signed in
had ever won a Hobby Stock feature. Eddie Ingram took the lead quick
and proceeded to stretch that lead out over Shane Florence. Florence
would actually drift back to fourth midway thru the race but slowly
started finding speed as he moved back up to third. With just a few
laps to go Ingram had a mechanical problem that left him sitting dead
in turn one. That gave the lead to Dave Truskett. It looked like
Truskett would hold onto the win but coming to the white flag, Florence
snuck around the outside and took the win in a car that made it�s first
ever appearance at I-35 Speedway. Truskett held on for second. Thomas
Odom made his first appearance of the year and finished third. Ingram
and Desmond Theel finished fourth and fifth. Truskett was the hard

The Modified class always brings out some very fast cars when the rules
are opened up. It was no different this time. Dennis Elliot had
command of the feature the entire race. Aaron Marrant tried to stay on
his back bumper but seemed to lose about a car length every lap.
Steven Glenn looked like he might be able to run them down early but as
the race went on he developed a push. Which was the problem for Jim
Cameron as he had a push right in the center of the corner most of the
feature. Elliott, Marrant, Glenn and Cameron would finish first thru
fourth in that order. The first time appearance for Buddy Benedict
placed him fifth. Tyler Grooms moved the Jeff Stotts owned SportMod
car up to the Modified class and picked up the hard charger award by
gaining seven spots in the feature.

The Show-Me Vintage Racers will make their final appearance of the year
this coming Saturday night. Points championships are still up for
grabs in every class with only three points nights left in 2012. The
Show-Me Spectacular season finale for the SportMods, Stocks, and Hobby
Stock classes is scheduled for Saturday, October 6th, rules,
registration, and pay is posted. Visit our website at

IMCA Stock Cars – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 56 Jamie Schirm – 0.00
2 2 417 Kevin Anderson Kansas City, Mo 0.00
3 1 20X Jon Boller Jr Saint Joseph, Mo 0.00
4 6 19 Jeremiah Asher St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
5 4 4D Shawn Lee Spickard , Mo 0.00
6 7 14F Larry King – 0.00
7 5 36C Mark Clark Maysville , Mo 0.00
8 8 186C Richard Moulton Altamont , Mo 0.00

IMCA Modifieds – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 29 Dennis Elliott – 0.00
2 2 34A Aaron Marrant – 0.00
3 5 26S Steven Glenn Hamilton , Mo 0.00
4 3 96C Jim Cameron Cameron , Mo 0.00
5 4 86 Buddy Benedict – 0.00
6 6 71H Jim Hopkins Rayville , Mo 0.00
7 10 99.7 Jason Estes Winston , Mo 0.00
8 8 56 Jeff Marriott Platte City, Mo 0.00
9 7 2H John Hanson Stewartsville , Mo 0.00
10 17 12 Tyler Grooms Trenton , Mo 0.00
11 15 26 Randy Smith Hamilton , Mo 0.00
12 14 34X Jeff Strecter – 0.00
13 11 47 Holt Johnston Smithville , Mo 0.00
14 16 300 Shayne Bailey Plattsburg , Mo 0.00
15 12 42 Sam Florence Kansas City, Mo 0.00
16 9 23B Mark Botts Meadville , Mo 0.00
17 13 19C Chris Conger – 0.00
18 18 131 Mike Pruitt – 0.00
19 19 22YA Yancy Shepard Smithville , Mo 0.00

IMCA Sport Mods – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 70 Aaron Marrant – 0.00
2 3 3X3 Nick Newton Kansas City, Ks 0.00
3 5 17X Clint Baker Meadville , Mo 0.00
4 7 15B Wes Bestgen Osborn , Mo 0.00
5 6 37 Anthony Asher St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
6 11 101 Joey Schwope – 0.00
7 13 76 Ron Miller Trenton , Mo 0.00
8 14 80 Tyee Parrott Kansas City, Mo 0.00
9 16 33S Ben Stockton Kansas City, Mo 0.00
10 15 6A Leroy Cameron Cameron , Mo 0.00
11 9 30A John Anderson Novinger , Mo 0.00
12 10 52J Josh Barnes Cameron , Mo 0.00
13 12 52M Dustin Miller Pattonsburg , Mo 0.00
14 8 44D Duke Jacobs Stewartsville , Mo 0.00
15 1 25 Scotty Grenier Cameron , Mo 0.00
16 4 0 Richard Lane – 0.00 DNS

Grand Nationals – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 97 Bud Wilson Trenton , Mo 0.00
2 3 98 Austin Johnson Kansas City, Mo 0.00
3 5 I35 Jim Peeler Milan , Mo 0.00
4 4 04 Chad Clancy Smithville , Mo 0.00
5 1 71 Travis Walker Cameron , Mo 0.00
6 6 1 Christopher Smith Kansas City, Mo 0.00

IMCA Hobby Stock – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 35 Shane Florence – 0.00
2 3 83 David Truskett Cowgill , Mo 0.00
3 4 17T Thomas Odom Polo , Mo 0.00
4 2 54 Eddie Ingram – 0.00
5 5 12 Desmond Theel Belton , Mo 0.00
6 6 25 Paul Grenier Platte City, Mo 0.00 DNS

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