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Curtis Dreasher Becomes 11th Different B Mod Winner At BriggsAuto.Com Speedway

It was all smiles for B Mod winner Curtis Dreasher - Reed Bros. Racing Photos

More competitors breed more competition. At BriggsAuto.Com Speedway the last two weeks have been filled with new competitors and the competition level has raised to an even higher level than it was before.

Curtis Dreasher began the season racing at a different area track. For whatever reason, Dreasher, decided to start competing on a weekly basis at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway. He is happy with his decision, especially after he finally broke into the win column on Saturday night. Dreasher became the 11th different feature winner in the White Line CDL Training B Mod division.

Thirty-two B Mods checked in at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway on Saturday night and once again it was another tough feature.

Jake Richards started on the pole position and quickly got out into the top spot. Richards, coming off a runner up finish a week ago, would maintain the top spot on the speedway for a majority of the race.

An altercation between Brian Murphy and Richard Prochnow would bring out a yellow on lap 10 of the feature. Dreasher knew that it was time to get going as he rolled around the track under yellow. When the green flag waved again, Dreasher applied the pressure to Richards. Dreasher would hound him for a couple of laps and then on lap 13 he would make his move to the point. Three other drivers, Ethan Isaacs, Terry Bivins and Steven Goodman were all closing in on the leaders as the laps were winding down.

Heading to the white flag Dreasher began to extend the lead. As he would exit turn 2, the lead would get larger as he went down the back straight. After weeks of trying Dreasher pumped his fist as he took the checkered flag getting the win.

Richards finished in 2nd, 3rd went to Goodman, Bivins finished 4th and Ethan Isaacs rounded out the top 5.

It was his 5th win of the season and an emotional win for #97z, Zach Henery - Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Zach Henery came into the night with a heavy heart as he was mourning the loss of his grandfather, Gene Henery. He wasn’t alone, his brother Josh a Modified racer, and a lot of his family members came together to BriggsAuto.Com Speedway to honor their lost patriarch. Zach did the best he could do to honor his grandfather and lift the spirits of those family members in attendance. Henery went out and won the Super 8 at Forbes Landing Factory Stock feature event.

Getting the win wouldn’t be an easy task. At least you wouldn’t think so. It was week ago that Henery sustained damage as he got into the wall at HPT. After a week of repair work, his ride was as good as new and after his heat race he knew that he had a fast hot rod.

From his 6th starting position, Henery took his time getting to the front of the field.

Steve Herrick was at the front of the field all night long. When the white flag was displayed, Herrick found himself in unfamiliar territory, 2nd place. Henery had pulled ahead of Herrick by 1/2 a car length when they took the white flag. Henery would extend his lead on the final lap, but in turn 3 Herrick made a run and the two made contact. Henery would gather it up and take the win.

Herrick finished 2nd, 3rd was Frank Jaynes, Eric Weyer rolled to a 4th place finish and Greg Deters finished in the 5th position.

It was win #2 on the season for Tyler Garst - Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The Casey’s General Store Pure Stock feature was a wild one on the night!

Randy Kohn, a former feature winner in 2012, jumped out to the early lead. He would hold that lead until he came up on the lapped car of Jim Christian. Kohn went to put a lap on Christian and chose the high line. He would get hung up on the high side and when he did it opened the door for Jesse Shotts to take the point position.

Shotts would take the lead but it wouldn’t be for long as Kohn would make contact with Shotts and bring him around in turn #4. Shotts and Kohn would have to go to the rear of the field. Randal Schiffelbein Jr. also had to go to the back during this yellow as he would spin out and come to a stop in turn 2. Three fast cars were now moved to the rear of the field and it opened the door for Tyler Garst, who had been keeping pace with the leaders.

Once in the top spot Garst would hit all of his marks and maintain a smooth line on the way to his 2nd feature win of the season. It was a long week for the winner. Garst and his dad, Scott, went to watch the IMCA Supernationals all week long and it was early Saturday morning they left Iowa to hustle back and make the race at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway. They made it just in time.

Donnie Devers finished in the 2nd position, Lafe Garst raced his way to a 3rd place finish, 4th was AJ Christian followed by Tyler Hinrichs in 5th.

Rookie points leader, Randal Schiffelbein Jr., locked up the 2012 points championship on Saturday night. Schiffelbein has a 161 point lead with 3 races remaining. Fifty points is the most a single driver can earn in a race night, mathematically no other driver in the division can pass him for the title.

Modified feature winner Kerry Davis - Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The Washburn Tech Modified feature was the final race of the night.

Kerry Davis, from the pole position, got out in front and that would be all that he needed to pull down win #4 on the season.

Davis was pushed in the early going by Steven Bowers Jr., but as the race wore on Bowers would fall back. The points leader, Darron Fuqua, moved into 2nd but ran out of time before he could catch up to Davis.

The win was a lift for Davis, who missed last week’s event due to his son having an emergency appendectomy. Getting the win would also keep Davis in the top 3 in the point standings.

Fuqua finished in 2nd, Bowers held on to 3rd and 4th went to Josh Everhart and the ‘Hitman’ Lyle Shepard finished in the 5th position.

The Super Saturday Showdown Series takes a break next week and will be back in action on Saturday night, September 22nd.

Dirt Track
Complete Race Results for 9/8/2012

B-Mod – Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
3 1 C4 Curtis Dreasher Hoyt, KS
1 2 4D Jake RICHARDS Edwardville, KS
9 3 22G Steve Goodman Meriden, KS
5 4 53 Terry Bivins Lebo, KS
8 5 66 Ethan Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS
13 6 45 Dustin Thulin Topeka, KS
4 7 1* Derek Huffman Topeka, KS
11 8 6 Lucas Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS
6 9 23B Bryce Roberts Spring Hill, KS
19 10 X1 Tracy Schaefer Topeka, KS
18 11 09X Rick DREASHER Hoyt, KS
2 12 38 Tim Thompson Topeka , KS
24 13 9S Devin Stock Topeka, KS
17 14 11C Bryan Hey Wellsville, KS
22 15 71R Richard Prochnow Pomona, KS
12 16 7H Chance Hug Mayetta, KS
20 17 20 Toby Finnell Manhattan, KS
15 18 76 Brandon Mitchell Topeka, KS
14 19 7M Heath Murry Tonganoxie, KS
21 20 1M Brian Murphy Topeka, KS
10 21 33J Jason Billups Holt, MO
16 22 34B Tony Filbert Topeka, KS
7 23 72 David Samuels Tecumseh, KS
23 24 29 Trevor Mohn Topeka, KS

Factory Stock – Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
6 1 97Z Zachary Henery Topeka, KS
3 2 5K Steve Herrick Topeka, KS
1 3 07 Frank Jaynes Bulingame, KS
8 4 29 Greg Deters Centralia, KS
7 5 15 Eric Weyer Centralia, KS
4 6 22 Matt Haid Meriden, KS
15 7 34 Mike Taylor Topeka, KS
10 8 24 Tyson Young Americus, KS
2 9 28 Leif Weyer Centralia, KS
14 10 1N1 Bob Troutwine Topeka, KS
19 11 2 Ken Garcia Kansas City , KS
11 12 12S Dustin Sievers McFarland, KS
17 13 74X John Bass Topeka, KS
18 14 111 Abdul Chatoo Eudora, KS
9 15 75M Marvin Griffith Jr Holton, KS
12 16 2X Jim Wright Empoira, KS
13 17 5H Ronnie Moore Overbrook, KS
16 18 67 Brandon Weide Yates, KS
5 19 B1 Terry Schmidt Nortonville, KS
20 20 3D Dean Owens Kansas City, KS
21 21 19S Tony Sheley Topeka, KS
22 22 128 Travis Tenpenny Topeka, KS
23 23 75 Derrick Brown Meriden, KS
24 24 68 Matt Field Topeka,KS

Modified – Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
1 1 68 Kerry Davis Parkville, MO
5 2 87 Darron Fuqua Topeka, KS
2 3 77 Steven Bowers Jr Topeka, KS
4 4 21J Josh Everhart Burlingame, KS
8 5 1 Lyle Shepard Manhattan, KS
3 6 66T Tyler Schmidt Easton, KS
10 7 21C Cody Schniepp Wichita, KS
12 8 5J Jake RICHARDS Edwardville, KS
7 9 97J Josh Henery Overbrook, KS
6 10 32 Todd Wichman St Marys, KS
9 11 44 Jared Rogers Berryton , KS
13 12 7D7 Kyle Covert Topeka, KS
16 13 77A Cody Agler Emporia, KS
14 14 178 Allen Halderman Hoyt, KS
11 15 39 Luke Driskell Stillwell , KS
21 16 51 Robert Shepard Odgen, KS
17 17 22 Bill Robison Topeka, KS
15 18 21B Bryce Schniepp Wichita, KS
22 19 17 Lucas Conley Spring Hill, KS
23 20 04 Jay Bailey Lyndon, KS
20 21 B Allan Broers Edgerton, KS
18 22 57 Anthony Tanner Topeka, KS
24 23 11H Jim Hernandez Jr Topeka, KS
19 24 69 Ryan Phillips Osage City, KS

Pure Stock – Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
3 1 53T Tyler Garst Topeka, KS
6 2 81 Donnie Devers Baldwin, KS
9 3 40G Lafe Garst Topeka, KS
7 4 355 AJ Christian Topeka, KS
15 5 25 Tyler Hinrichs Americus, KS
8 6 85 Darren Davenport Tecumseh, KS
10 7 19 David McDonald Topeka, KS
12 8 59 Byron Glotzbach Topeka, KS
5 9 11JR Randal Schiffelbein Jr Tecumseh, KS
1 10 90 Scott Garcia Topeka, KS
13 11 07 Ronald Kohn Topeka, KS
11 12 5 Steve Stewart Osage City, KS
16 13 0X Derek Huffman Topeka, KS
18 14 83 Alan Mattox Tecumseh, KS
14 15 74C Colton Miller Topeka, KS
17 16 391 Jim Christian Topeka, KS
4 17 97 Jesse Shotts Topeka, KS
2 18 17 Randy Kohn Topeka, KS
19 19 8JR David McLaughlin Jr Topeka, KS

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