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Stovall Wins Larry Phillips Memorial At Springfield Raceway

Jesse Stovall and crew smile in victory lane after another big win. Ryan Gillmore Photo.

Springfield, Mo.- The “Quick-Quarter” of the Springfield Raceway was back in
action Saturday night as the 11th annual Home Pro Larry Phillips Memorial was held with 160 race teams checking-in to help pay honor to the Springfield Legendary Stock Car drivers as 2012 MARS Series Champion Jesse Stovall found the extreme high groove early and withstood a lap 33 caution to grab the victory over a late surge by Terry Phillips and Jack Sullivan.

33 Super Late Models checked into the pits fighting for the 20 car starting field
as the redraw found Shane Essary and Justin Zeitner on the front row. Essary felt
a vibration on the pace laps and fell to the rear placing 2011 MARS Champion and
March Madness winner Brad Looney to move to the pole. On the start, it was Looney
who took the opening lead as Zeitner, high point drivers Dustin Mooneyham along
with Stovall and Tony Jackson Jr. following closely. Looney was setting the super
fast pace as Jackson and Stovall began a charge to the front while 2011 Turkey
Classic winner Jack Sullivan was riding a solid top 5 run. Stovall caught Looney
on lap 10 as the traditional Springfield action was on with wheel to wheel action.
On lap 12, Stovall grabbed the lead only to see Looney take it back 1 lap later as
Jackson Jr. was riding the lower groove and gaining on the lead duo. Back in the
pack 14th starter Terry Phillips was making a strong bid to gain spots. As Stovall
and Looney kept the capacity crowd on their feet, lap 22 would be Looney’s
downfall as he scrapped the frontstretch wall and slowed the pace. Looney retired
from action as Stovall would find Jackson Jr. and Sullivan on his bumper for the
restart. When the green waved, Stovall shot ahead but Jackson and Sullivan started
to reel him in as Phillips was working the traffic and coming quick. With Stovall
staying extremely high on the track, Sullivan made his way around Jackson and
began to close the gap as Phillips was now in the top 5. Back in the mid pack
range, 13th starter Brandon McCormick and Kyle Beard were coming forward. Stovall
seemed to have the win in hand until lap 33 when Jackson running in the top 5
slowed off the pace and came to a stop in turn 3. This set-up a 2 lap shootout as
Sullivan picked the top groove on the restart while Phillips was able to go
inside. When the green flew, Stovall wasted no time in pulling away as Phillips
and Sullivan were wheel to wheel. With the white waving, Phillips a 4 time LP
Memorial Champion cleared Sullivan but not enough time to catch the high flying
Stovall. Following Stovall to the line were Phillips, Sullivan, Nebraska’s Meitner
and Mooneyham in the top 5 while Beard, McCormick,Justin Wells, Jeff Floyd and
Bryon Allison completed the top 10. 13 of the 20 starters completed the lead lap.
For Stovall it was his second Late Model Springfield win this season as the
“Undertaker” had captured the Summer Meltdown event earlier this season.

In USRA Modified action it was a photo finish in the 20 lap feature as Bobby
Pearish grabbed the narrow feature win over Jason Pursley. Pursley redrew the pole
spot with Pearish on his outside. Pursley the veteran Modified driver from
Wheatland took the opening lead as caution flew after 1 lap for Brian Green and
Kyle Slagle. On the restart, Pursley stayed down as Pearish rode the top groove
while Central Missouri Modified standout Terry Schultz grabbed third spot. Pearish
was slowly pulling away from Pursley during the long green flag run, but In the
closing 3 laps, Pursley closed the gap to almost nothing making a strong surge on
the final lap and just coming-up a front bumper short. Following the lead duo to
the stripe was Schultz, 2012 USRA Track Champion Jackie Dalton and Terry Kirk as
19 of the 20 starters finished on the lead lap.

B Modified action saw Jon Yeoman Jr. grab the opening lead from Kaleb Copher and
then had to withstand several challenges from hard charging Rex Merritt in taking
the hard earned win. Copher the former Midwest Modz champion earned the pole for
the night as Yeoman Jr. flanked him on the outside followed by Shawn Strong.
Strong’s bid for a win ended early as he spun in turn 1 on a restart on lap 5.
Yeoman saw his lead over the field get smaller as Merritt, making his B Mod debut
charged from 7th to second by lap 6 following 2 caution periods. Yeoman very quick
on the restarts, had a bumper full of Merritt for the final 5 laps as Merritt
tried several passes inside and outside. Following Yeoman Jr. and Merritt to the
stripe were Copher, Midwest Modz season regular Rusty Forrest and West Plains
Champion JC Morton while B features transfers Michael Maggard, JD Kelley and 2011
champion Bobby Maggard Jr. along with Logan Martin and Midwest Champion Trevor
Drake in the top 10. 17 of the 20 starters finished on the lead lap.

Springfield’s Jay Reynolds made the most of a last lap pass in taking the 15 lap
Legends feature tonight as he worked around leader Dave Comer to secure the win in
the final two turns. 20 Legends took the Green flag with Comer grabbing the
opening lead from pole setter Caleb McDugle. Early yellows never got the racing
going strong until after lap 5 as Reynolds had been trying to get the lead. A late
lap 11, caution bunched the field together again as Comer was holding the lead. On
the final restart, Reynolds tried high and low but to no luck until the white flag
lap when he got a strong run off turn 2. Going into turn 3, Reynolds made the
winning pass and took his first of the season with Comer, Caleb McDugle, James
McDugle and Young Lions track and National Champion Wesley Smith completing the
top 5. 15 of the 20 starters completed the lead lap.

Midwest Modz action was all Taylor Moore as the 3rd generation drivers took the
lead from the drop of the green flag and held back some early challenges from
Midway champion Sam Petty and Joey Wiles, but pulled away and was never headed.
Petty and Wiles went back and fourth for the runner-up spot before Petty took the
position. Wiles, Ty Jackson and Nathan Gold completed the top 5 runners.

Pure Stock action was 3 wide in the early stages but it was Shane Bias taking the
lead from Ronnie Lingo on lap 2 and then holding off Lingo on a last lap shoot out
for the win. Bias had Austin Johnson and 2011 track champion Jack Hamer giving
chase most of the race. Johnson’s bid for a win ended in a wreck on lap 10 in turn
4, while Hamer had some issues in the last lap slowing his pace down. Behind Bias
and Lingo were Hamer, lady driver Elizabeth Jolley and Mac Asbell in the top 5.

Street Stock action saw Bryan Tillman wait until a lap 9 restart before he took
the lead and secured the win. 2012 Champion Jim ride took the opening spot as
Daniel Deason and Wayne Morris followed early. Morris smoothly to over on lap 4 as
Shawn Schmidt was moving up in the field. Morris would lead until the final
caution waved on lap 9, when Tillman quietly made the winning pass. Behind Tillman
was Karla Lampe, Reid, Issac Keepper and Morris.

Up next at Springfield Raceway is the 6th annual KMJ Performance Turkey Bowl VI
Presented by Dirt Works Race Cars on Saturday November 17th featuring Late Models
battling for $2,000 to win and $350 to start, USRA Modifieds With NO Spoilers
going for $1200 to win and $450 to start, B Modifieds competing for $850 to win
and $110 to start and Legends racing for $300 to win and $35 to start.

Pit gates will open at 10:30 AM with hot laps at 1PM and Racing at 3PM. Pit passes
will be $35 with car entry fees $100 for both Late Models and Modifieds, $40 for B
Modifieds and nothing for Legends. Grandstands will open around 1PM.

For more information visit WWW.SpringfieldRaceway.Com or contact Jerry Hoffman at

Results-Larry Phillips Memorial Presented By Home Pro of Joplin

Late Models
A Ft-1) Jesse Stovall (5) 2)Terry Phillips (14) 3) Jack Sullivan (6) 4) Justin
Zeitner (2) 5) Dustin Mooneyham (4) 6) Kyle Beard (17) 7) Brandon McCormick (13) 8)
Justin Wells (11) 9) Jeff Floyd (18) 10) Bryon Allison (15) 11) Brandon Morton (9)
12) Mike Hammerle (20) 13) DeWayne Kiefer (19) 14) Cole Wells (8) 15) Patrick
Johnson (12) 16) Jacob Magee (16) 17) Tony Jackson Jr. (7) 18) Brad Looney (3) 19)
Alan Vaughn (10) 20) Shane Essay (1)
1st B Ft(Top 4 Advance) 1)McCormick 2) Allison 3) Beard 4) Kiefer 5) Eric Turner 6)
Gary Stolba 7) Leslie Essary 8) Dustin Walker 9) Ken Essary 10) Don Cloyd 11)Daniel
2nd B Ft(Top 4 Advance) 1) Phillips 2) McGee 3) Floyd 4) Hammerle 5) Jeff Roth 6)
Jon Driskell 7) Jake Williams 8) Randy Roth 9) Jeremy Morrs DNS-Steve Johnson
1st Ht-1) Sullivan 2) Morton 3) J Wells 4) Phillips 5) Kiefer 6) L Essary 7) Cloyd
8) S Johnson 9) Morris
2nd Ht-1) Jackson Jr 2) S Essary 3) C Wells 4) P Johnson 5) J Roth 6) Floyd 7)
Hammerle 8) K Essary
3rd Ht-1) Looney 2) Stovall 3) McCormick 4) Allison 5) Turner 6) Beard 7) Walker 8)
R Roth
4th Ht-1) Mooneyham 2) Vaughn 3) Zeitner 4) Magee 5) J Williams 6) Driskell 7)
Stolba 8) Jessen

USRA Modifieds
A Ft-1) Bobby Pearish 2) Jason Pursley 3) Terry Schultz 4) Jackie Dalton 5) Terry
Kirk 6) Robbie Bryant 7) Mitch Keeter 8) Logan Martin 9) John Yeoman 10) Jerry
Lankton 11) Rusty Griffaw 12) Shawn Nations 13) Brian Green 14) Nick Whitehead 15)
Joey Smith 16) Jeff James 17) Kyle Slagle 18) Rob Muilenburg 19) Randy Henson 20)
Andy Aust
1st B Ft(Top 4 Advance) 1) Martin 2) Muilenburg 3) Aust 4) Slagle 5) Chris Tonoli
6) Eric Lampe DNS-Mickey Burrell, Steve McLaughlin
2nd B Ft(Top 4 Advance) 1) Nations 2) Green 3) Henson 4) Whitehead 5) Scott
Symmonds 6) Jim Body 7) John Fellers DNS-Jody Tillman

USRA B Modifieds
A Ft-1) Jon Yeoman Jr. 2) Rex Merritt 3) Kaleb Copher 4) Rusty Forrest 5) JC Morton
6) Michael Maggard 7) JD Kelley 8) Bobby Maggard Jr 9) Logan Martin 10) Trevor Drake
11) Shawn Strong 12) Gary Clark 13) Jeff Frohwitter 14) Darrin Crisler 15) Don Luna
16) Bobby Ratterree 17) Mike Watson 18) Robert Baltzell 19) Mike Striegel DNS-Taylor
1st B Ft(Top 4 Advance) 1) Maggard Jr 2) Martin 3) Luna 4) Crisler 5) Daniel Anders
6) Bill Schaar 7) Greg Strong 8) Brian Myers 9) Tony Myers 10) Mike Mansker 11) Tim
Copland DNS-Chuck Bumgarner
2nd B Ft(Top 4 Advance) 1) Michael Maggard 2)Kelley 3) Frohwitter 4) Duggins 5) TR
Phillips 6) Tony Fincher 7) Don Randall 8) Dylan Timmerman DQ-Kaleb Stolba, Mike
Smith(Light at scales) DNS-John Hurn, Michael Page

A Ft-1) Jay Reynolds 2) Dave Comer 3) Caleb McDugle 4) James McDugle 5) Wesley Smith
6) Wayne Johnston 7) Calvin Garner 8) Rex Merritt 9) Bill Cottrill 10) Brandi
Morrison 11) Matt Gruenburg 12) Jim Body 13) Paul Horton 14) Phil Burkybile 15)
Terry Williams 16) Billy Cottrill 17) Justin Comer 18) Brian Boucher 19) Nick
Whitehead 20) Kylan Garner

Midwest Modz
A Ft-1)Taylor Moore 2) Sam Petty 3) Joey Wiles 4) Ty Jackson 5) Nathan Gold 6) Ken
Walker 7) Jamie Petty 8) Mike Cooper 9) Elijah Keepper 10) Terry Williams 11)
Richard Sparks 12) Candy Lake 13) Jake Owens 14) Jordan Green 15) Dallas Scott 16)
Aaron Scroggins DNS-Gary Krebs

Pure Stocks
A Ft-1) Shane Bias 2) Ronnie Lingo 3) Jack Hamer 4) Elizabeth Jolley 5) Mac Asbell
6) Danny Vasquez 7) John Shaver 8) Scott Lampe 9) Clinton Collins 10) Buddy Cadwell
11) Austin Johnson 12) Clayton Powell 13) Luke Mason DQ-Austin Powell, Tyler
Schoen-Pulling Vacuum

Street Stocks
A Ft-1) Bryan Tillman 2) Karla Lampe 3) Jim Reid 4) Issac Keepper 5) Wayne Morris 6)
Shawn Schmidt 7) Joe Girardi 8) Daniel Harris 9) Kim Kaasa 10) Dale Roper Jr 11)
Daniel Deason

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