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Turkey Bowl Moves Up On Springfield Raceway’s Schedule

Springfield, Mo.- The countdown to the Annual KMJ Performance Turkey Bowl VI presented By Dirt Works Race Cars has begun as Fans and Racers both await this season ending event at the “Quick-Quarter” of the Springfield Raceway set for Saturday November 17th.

For 2012, KMJ Performance of Story City, Iowa has joined the Springfield Raceway family for this popular event. The Race event will feature 4 classes, Late Models battling for $2,000 to win along with $350 to start the Main Event, USRA Modifieds looking at a $1200 to win feature and $450 to start, The ever-growing popular B Modifieds hooking bumpers for $850 to win and $110 to start and the always exciting Legends in a $300 to win and $35 to start feature.

Rules for the Turkey Bowl VI for the Late Models will be MLRA/MARS rules with the tire rule allowing the Hoosier WRS D55, Hoosier LM 40, and the Hoosier 1600 Spec Tire. Crate Late Models can compete under NE Smith Crate rules except the rear tires must be Hoosier WRS D55, Hoosier LM 40 or Hoosier 1600 Spec. Steel Motors may run at the weight of 2200 LBS. While all other Late Models are 2300 LBS. Car Entry Fee for the Late Models is $100 while Cars who fail to make the feature but compete in the Last Chance events will receive $100.

USRA Modified rules apply for the A Modifieds except NO Spoilers will be allowed on the rear for the Turkey Bowl. Chip rules are enforced while the tire rule will be the American Racer G60 KK704 or the Hoosier IMCA Stamped G60. Car Entry Fee will be $100. Cars failing to make the feature, but compete in the Last Chance races will receive $100.

The ever-growing B Modifieds will be competing under the following, Springfield Raceway rules with either the Spec or GM 602 Crate motor, IMCA Northern Sport Mods except NO Spoilers. IMCA Northern Sport Mods may compete with the American Racer G60 KK704 or Hoosier IMCA Stamped G60 is allowed for all others. Car entry Fee for the B Modifieds is only $40 while drivers not making the feature but who compete in the last chance events will receive $70.

Legend Cars will compete under INEX and 600 Series racing rules and no entry fee is required in this class.

The Pit gates open at 10:30AM while hot laps are slated to begin at 1PM. Drivers meeting will be held after hot laps while racing action is slated for 3PM. Pit passes for the Turkey Bowl VI will be $35 while drivers draw cut-off will be at 2PM. Drivers checking in after 2PM will receive no passing points just the heat position points.

Grandstand gates will open at 1PM with Adult Admission only $20 for this final race of the season at Springfield Raceway and in Southwest Missouri. Kids tickets in the Grandstands are only $5 for ages 6-12 and under 6 Free. Weather date is set for Saturday November 24th. Camping is offered with no hook-ups.

For the 2012 Edition of the Turkey Bowl VI, some lucky fans and the Feature winners will receive a chance to kick a field goal for extra money.

For more information contact Jerry Hoffman at 417-673-7426 or visit the website at WWW.SpringfieldRaceway.Com

For information on the best deals for all extreme performance parts related visit the website at WWW.KMJENT.Com or contact the team at 515-733-2890 or email them at info@KMJEMT. COM and let their friendly and knowledgeable staff help you at the lowest prices available to you.

Payouts-KMJ Performance Turkey Bowl VI
Late Models-1) 2,000 2) 1200 3) 700 4) 570 5) 520 6) 500 7) 470 8) 430 9) 410 10) 390 11) 370 12-20) 350 Non-Qualify-100 (Must Start B Ft.)
A Mods-1) 1200 2) 750 3) 650 4) 600 5) 560 6) 530 7) 520 8) 500 9) 490 10) 470 11-20) 450 Non Qualiy-100 (Must Start B Ft)
B Mods-1) 850 2) 450 3) 320 4) 270 5) 240 6) 200 7) 180 8) 150 9) 130 10) 125 11) 120 12-20) 110 Non-Qualify-70 (Must Start B Ft)
Legends-1) 300 2) 150 3) 100 4) 90 5) 75 6) 70 7) 65 8) 60 9) 55 10) 45 11) 40 12-20) 35

Past Champions Of The KMJ Performance Turkey Bowl:
2007 Danny Lasoski – Dover, MO – Winged Sprints, Zack Daum – Pocahontas, IL – Midgets, Jackie Dalton – Carthage, MO – A Modifieds 2008 Brian Brown – Higginsville, MO – Winged Sprints, Brad Loyet – Sunset Hills, MO – Midgets, Terry Phillips – Springfield, MO – A Modifieds, Colt Cheevers – Macks Creek MO – B Modifieds 2009 Ken Essary – Cape Fair, MO – Late Models, Steve Martin – Ozark, MO -A Modifieds, Billy Street – Joplin, MO – B-Modifieds, Dave Bauer – Webb City, MO – Legends 2010 Justin Wells – Aurora, MO – Late Models, Jody Tillman – Branson, MO – A Modifieds, Jesse Sobbing – Glenwood, Iowa – B Modifieds, Jason Rayle – Springfield, MO – Legends 2011 Jack Sullivan – Greenbrier, Arkansas – Late Models, Terry Phillips – Springfield, MO – A Modifieds, Kris Jackson – Lebanon, MO – B-Modifieds, Mike Hailmann – Reed Springs, MO – Legends

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