Sunday, February 25, 2018

Payne Finishes Off Vegas In Style

Jeremy Payne of Nixa, Missouri won tonight’s 40-lap Duel in the Desert A-Feature at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The winner’s share was worth $7,777.

The Duel in the Desert once again set a new record for entries, with 253 IMCA Modifieds (from 24 states and two Canadian provinces) and 55 Sport Modifieds. The previous record, 240, was set in 2011.

Jason Noll started from the pole position, flanked by Jay Noteboom, but Jeff Taylor grabbed the lead with an inside pass before the field recorded the first lap. The cars barreled four-wide into the first and third turns, with some hugging the bottom as others precariously rode the cushion. The exciting rhythm was interrupted on lap 3 when Scott Drake spun with a flat right-rear tire. It would be the only caution period of the 40-lap race. As Taylor led the field, Noteboom ran the middle groove and Ricky Alvarado used every inch of the cushion.

Jeremy Payne took the lead in Turn 3 on lap 8 as Alvarado electrified the crowd with his wall-scraping heroics. But it was not Alvarado’s night as his car expired on lap 11 and retired to the infield.

Payne hugged the bottom as Noteboom worked the high lane in third place, just behind Taylor. Payne managed to build up a comfortable lead while Noteboom and Taylor battled for second place.

With just 10 laps remaining, leader Payne was cruising along as John Hansen and Taylor battled for second place. Hansen tried the middle and high grooves but he could only watch from second place as Payne scored his third Duel in the Desert victory.

“It’s awesome that this is my third one,” said Payne. “It’s been such a long time since I won the last one (2005 and 2006). I had some bad luck here lately. It was a great race and my car was perfect. The car worked really good on the bottom in hot laps so I just stuck with that. I have to thank Jet Racing (Johnny Saathoff).”

Hansen finished second and Murray was third.

Steve Hayes of Eastland, Texas was the surprise winner of the 25-lap IMCA Sport Modified feature. Matt Mueller started from the pole position and led the first 23 laps until Tyler Frye, who was running in second place, made contact in Turn 1 and he spun. Frye was black-flagged from the event and Hayes, running in third place, became the new leader.

Saturday’s results (in chronological order):

First Sport Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Nick Roberts (23JR) Des Moines, Iowa.
Second Sport Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Ryan Larimer (47m) Merced, Calif.
Third Sport Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Tony Rost (69) Utica, Nebr.
First 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Travis Peery (6P) Yreka, Calif. (Grabbed first place from Justin O’Brien at the finish line.)
Second 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Troy Cordes (71c) Dunkerton, Iowa.
Third 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Ryan Ruter (555) Kanawha, Iowa.
Fourth 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Jeff Streeter (1J) Chowchilla, Calif.
Fifth 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Matt Gilbertson (81x) Montevideo, Minn.
Sixth 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Johnny Saathoff (96J) Beatrice, Nebr.
Seventh 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Brad Pounds (15B) Bakersfield, Calif.
Eighth 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Luke Wanniger (20) Minburn, Iowa.
Ninth 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Scott Drake (12D) Joplin, Missouri.
10th 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Paul Stone (66P) Winton, Calif.
11th 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Kellen Chadwick (83) Oakley, Calif.
12th 15-lap IMCA Modified Last-Chance Race: 1. Jacob Murray (48) Hartford, Iowa.
IMCA Sport Modified Dash: 1. Matt Mueller (38) Stamford, Texas.
IMCA Modified Young Guns Race: 1. Tim Ward (4TW) Gilbert, Ariz.
IMCA Modified Legends Race: 1. Lawrence O’Connor (27) Port Hardy, B.C., Canada

25-lap IMCA Sport Modified A-Feature: 1. Steve Hayes, 2. Aaron Benson, 3. Matt Mueller, 4. Dean Abbey, 5. Tony Rost, 6. Ben Kates, 7. Ryan Larimer, 8. Brandon Tenski, 9. John Piker, 10. Keith Brown, 11. R.C. Heil, 12. Jordan Lathram, 13. John Reid, 14. Brian Carey, 15. Tyler Frye, 16. Jerry Hinton, 17. Nick Roberts, 18. Cody Brown, 19. Blain Petersen, 20. Nick Spainhoward.

40-lap IMCA Modified A-Feature ($7,777 to win): 1. Jeremy Payne (Nixa, Missouri), 2. John Hansen (Brush, Colo.), 3. David Murray Jr. (Oberlin, Kans.), 4. Terry Phillips (Springfield, Missouri), 5. Jeff Taylor (Cave City, Ark.), 6. Jay Noteboom (Hinton, Iowa), 7. Jason Noll (Peoria, Ariz.), 8. Matt Brack (Mead, Colo.), 9. Tyson Turnbull (Estevan, Sask., Canada), 10. Luke Wanninger (Minburn, Iowa), 11. Jeremy Mills (Garner, Iowa), 12. Brad Pounds (Bakersfield, Calif.), 13. Johnny Saathoff (Beatrice, Nebr.), 14. Ryan Ruter (Kanawha, Iowa), 15. Dominic Ursetta (Arvada, Colo.), 16. Darin Duffy (Hazelton, Iowa), 17. Brandon Blochlinger (Concordia, Kans.), 18. Paul Stone (Winton, Calif.), 19. Travis Peery (Yreka, Calif.), 20. Kellen Chadwick (Oakley, Calif.), 21. Troy Cordes (Dunkerton, Iowa), 22. Jacob Murray (Hartford, Iowa), 23. Matt Gilbertson (Montevideo, Minn.), 24. Jeff Streeter (Chowchilla, Calif.), 25. Alex Stanford (Chowchilla, Calif.), 26. Mylo Veloz (Colona, Ill.), 27. Ricky Alvarado (Delta, Colo.), 28. Scott Drake (Joplin, Missouri).

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