Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lakeside Update

We take a short break from is our sport dying to cover the latest news.

The press release came out Wednesday morning, “An agreement, in principle, has been reached between Marc Olson, owner of Lakeside Speedway, for the sale of the facility to Mike Johnson and Don Marrs. Mike and Don look forward to the 2013 season with great enthusiasm. Terrace parking patrons are encouraged to get their renewals in by this Saturday’s deadline as all unsold spots will go to those on a long waiting list. Driver registrations will be going out soon”. This press release created numerous questions, all of which will be answered in time.

The excitement is growing since this announcement. Mike Johnson has been interviewed and made known a few of the planned improvements. One such improvement includes a back straight wall which will eliminate the brunt end of the turn 3 wall, a dangerous situation which has existed since the track opened in 1989. Additionally, planned for the future is the second tier of the terrace parking. Other improvements are planned which will bring the track into the modern age, including the use of debit and charge cards. Numerous other improvements are planned (website, logo, etc.). Again, all the improvements will take time.

It will take time to finish the paperwork on this sale. As a racing family this puts us in a time of transition. We realize everyone needs time to get their cars ready for the 2013 race season. Some racers have their 2013 cars ready before the start of a new year, some start immediately after Christmas. So while the sale process is moving in time, we do not want to delay anyone in getting their cars ready to race in 2013.

So bridging the gap of time – the modified classes (both A and B) will utilize USRA rules with the following exception, B Mods will be allowed 70 cc heads in 2013, (USRA rules require 75 cc) USRA allows us a year so everyone can utilize equipment that falls just outside the rules. The plan is to have both modified classes USRA sanctioned.

The Grand Nationals will not change, the 2013 rules are published.

The Factory Stocks will not be sanctioned in 2013, but a new set of engine rules (Crate, Standard, and 500 CFM) have been prepared and roller rockers will be allowed. After the 2013 racing season the quadrajet carburetor will be phased out. The Factory Stocks have been the most competitive class over the last five years averaging 10 different winners during the season. Sanctioning for this class would eliminate Camaros, Firebirds, and Mustangs. Our goal is not to eliminate cars, but to continue the great racing this class has established over the last several years at Lakeside Speedway.

Diana Green is returning as the office manager and she maintains a database of email addresses. During this transition period the best way for us to communicate will be via email. Factory Stock rules will be distributed via email. Driver registration may be sent via email. Plans call for a driver meeting/registration meeting, exactly when and where to be determined. If you need to update your email address send Diana an email at

We look forward to an exciting 2013 racing season. Changes are coming to improve Lakeside Speedway. We will release information as we can. Please ensure we have your most current email address.

Next week we will return with the Is Our Sport Dying series, with the primary topic of “The Lost”, which will be a look at the lost generations and other items we have lost (ingenuity) over the years.

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