Saturday, January 20, 2018

Lakeside Speedway Moves On With New Owners

lakeCongratulations are in store as the I’s have been dotted and the T’s crossed on the purchase of Lakeside Speedway by Mike and Kyle Johnson and Don and Donna Marrs from Marc and Page Olson. The paperwork was completed on March 12, 2013 exactly one month until opening night for the 2013 racing season. Marrs and Johnson have been busy at the track while working to complete the deal.

The back straight wall is a new addition to improve the racing and driver’s safety. Other improvements include the clearing of trees along the creek bed next to the pits, the wash board entry to the pits has been smoothed and gravel is on the way, and trees next to the main building and the camping area have been trimmed.

Other planned out door improvements include a new pit road for entering the track and the ripping up of worn out asphalt in the pit area with concrete replacement.

Indoor projects are scheduled to begin at 10 A.M. this Sunday morning, March 17, 2013. Volunteers are welcome to join in the fun of sprucing up the building.

If you can sweep, mop, wipe, or carry you are needed. With less than a month until opening night the new owners want the place looking the best it can in the next four weeks. Projects include removing old furniture, computer equipment, and empty boxes. Additionally we will be cleaning the main building, cleaning the windows, scrubbing the floor, and generally setting up for opening night.

Administrative work is well in hand also as driver registrations are occurring, the website is being updated, research is occurring to answer Facebook questions, terrace parking packets are being prepared, and the owners are hard at work completing the purchase of insurance, finalizing staff, and setting a purse.

So make plans Sunday to come on out, give us a hand, and see the improvements with your own eyes.

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