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Fuqua Amasses The Most Points At 81 Speedway

Darron Fuqua amassed enough passing points to be in the redraw for the A Main. Mary Hayes Gregory, In The Dirt Photos

Darron Fuqua amassed enough passing points to be in the redraw for the A Main. Mary Hayes Gregory, In The Dirt Photos

Park City, Kansas – April 5, 2013 – Fifty-six drivers from six different states took part in two sets of complete heat races during the opening night of the inaugural “Modified Spring Scramble” at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas on Friday night featuring the season opener for the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products modified division.

Those total number of heat race finishing and passing points will make up last chance and the Championship feature finale for Saturday night.

The first set of ten lap heat races were won by Dustin Belcher, Al Purkey, Darren Moses, Tanner Mullens, Gene Weaver and Ryan Gustin. The second set of ten lap heat races were won by Johnny Bone, Jr., Josh Lanterman, Rick Beebe, Tanner Mullens, Darron Fuqua and Justin Rexwinkle.

After the points were tabulated after those heat races, the top ten drivers in points that will draw for starting positions for Saturday night’s fifty lap Championship feature are, from highest in points to tenth: Darron Fuqua, Tanner Mullens, Rick Beebe, Ryan Gustin, John Allen, Al Purkey, Johnny Bone, Jr., Josh Lanterman, Justin Rexwinkle and Dan Powers.

Championship Saturday night will see last chance qualifiers run to make up the final ten starting positions for Saturday nights twenty-four car feature finale.

Gates open at 5:30 PM with racing slated for a 8:00 PM start time.

1st Session Heat Races: 10 Laps

1st Heat: 1) Dustin Belcher, 2) Darron Fuquia, 3) Jimmie Hobbs, 4) Jon Thompson, 5)
Tyler Davis, 6) Richard Wilson, 7) Don Hodge, 8) Tyler Schmidt, 9) Jason McGehee,
10) Nic Bidinger

2nd Heat: 1) Al Purkey, 2) Jay Purkey, 3) Johnny Bone, Jr., 4) Jeremy Rausmusson, 5)
Craig Crossette, 6) Jerry Eveland, 7) Brian Franz, 8) Jim Graves, 9) Bob Lane, 10)
Darin Busch

3rd Heat: 1) Darren Moses, 2) John Allen, 3) Ken Sweet, 4) Marc Hurd, 5) Mickey
Lassiter, 6) Cory Johnston, 7) Jimmy Brozek, 8) Bill Siemers, 9) Gary Kilbourn

4th Heat: 1) Tanner Mullens, 2) Dan Powers, 3) Kirby Robe 4) Carson McKeen, 5) Kirk
Coleman, 6) Mike Lawrence, 7) Dustin Lawrence, 8) Richie Wilson, 9) Jeremy Green

5th Heat: 1) Gene Weaver, 2) Justin Rexwinkle, 3) Grant Junghans, 4) Brian Powers,
5) Dean Brungardt, 6) Patrick McManus, 7) Ross Shipman, 8) Jason Hilliard, 9) Joe

6th Heat: 1) Ryan Gustin, 2) Rick Beebe, 3) Josh Lanterman, 4) A, J. Brochu, 5)
Chris Cole, 6) Josh Everhart, 7) Dustin Johnson, 8) Justin Moler, 9) John Schwab

Second Session Heat Races: 10 Laps

1st Heat: 1) Johnny Bone, Jr. 2) John Allen, 3) A.J. Brochu, 4) Jimmy Brozek, 5) Jay
Purkey, 6) Jimmie Hobbs, 7) Josh Everhart, 8) Patrick McManus, 9) Jim Graves, 10)
John Schwab

2nd Heat: 1) Josh Lanterman, 2) Brian Powers, 3) Ken Sweet, 4) Dustin Lawrence, 5)
Bill Siemers, 6) Dustin Belcher, 7) Mike Lawrence, 8) Jason Hilliard, 9) Darin Busch

3rd Heat: 1) Rick Beebe, 2) Dustin Johnston, 3) Tyler Schmidt, 4) Dan Powers, 5)
Tyler Davis, 6) Nic Bindinger, 7) Justin Moler, 8) Craig Crossette, 9) Ross Shipman

4th Heat: 1) Tanner Mullens, 2) Marc Hurd, 3) Brian Franz, 4) Mickey Lassiter, 5)
Joe Adams, 6) Carson McKeen, 7) Richard Wilson, 8) Cory Johnston, 9) Grant Junghans

5th Heat: 1) Darron Fuquia, 2) Don Hodge, 3) Darren Mosses, 4) Kirk Coleman, 5)
Richie Wilson, 6) Jerry Eveland, 7) Chris Cole, 8) Jeremy Green, 9) Jason McGehee,

6th Heat: 1) Justin Rexwinkle, 2) Ryan Gustin, 3) Gene Weaver, 4) Al Purkey, 5)
Jeremy Rausmussan, 6) Jon Thompson, 7) Gary Kilbourn, 8) Bob Lane, 9) Dean Brumgardt

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