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First Time Winners Highlight Opening Night At BriggsAuto.Com Speedway

Dave Samuels celebrates win #1 in the B Mod. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Dave Samuels celebrates win #1 in the B Mod. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – Finally, Mother Nature took a break and the racing action at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway. Opening night would not disappoint the fans in attendance. It was great night of racing and a memorable event for two drivers in particular.

Dave Samuels has been in victory lane before at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway, but he had yet to taste victory since moving into the B Mod division a year ago. As a former track champion, last season’s performance didn’t sit well with Samuels. He spent the off season trying to figure out how to make his car work better and it paid off in a big way. A win on opening night.

“This has been an all winter project. I started a lot earlier than most people thought,” said Samuels, “I moved the pickup points for the springs and it put a little bit of me back into it. I didn’t have a good grasp of these stock heads last year and I really worked on the engine this year, over the winter and we got a really good package.”

Not only did Samuels get a good package, but he also got a year of experience behind the wheel and tonight it paid off.

Jake Richards jumped out to the early lead and held off the competition for most of the feature. Samuels after a late race restart began to drive his car deeper into the corners. Lap after lap he made up ground on Richards and eventually would pull up alongside him.

“I started watching his car,” said Samuels, “I started seeing him get a little tight here, a little loose there. I won’t be able to pass him on the bottom so I had to get on his right rear and get outside of him. I got a good run on the back straightaway and a lap car was there and he (Richards) couldn’t go up and had to hold it on the bottom. We split the lap car and I knew when we went into turn 3 side by side I knew I got him.”

Samuels would hold on to a precious victory. A victory that he has been waiting for and he still hopes that there are many to come.

Richards would finish in the runner-up spot, Nic Bennett had a solid outing coming home in 3rd, 4th went to Bryan Rigsby and Lucas Isaacs would round out the top 5.

Dalton Kirk roared to his 1st A Mod win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Dalton Kirk roared to his 1st A Mod win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The Washburn Tech Modified feature also saw another first time winner. Dalton Kirk took home the win. It was his first A Mod feature win of his career and just like Samuels in the B Mod division, it was a win that took sometime to be wrangled in.

Kirk won the B Mod championship at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway back in 2011. In 2012 he moved up to the A Mod division full time, but the success he had in the B Mod didn’t translate to success right away in the Modifieds. After a year of experience, Kirk, has found a way to get it done.

Tad Davis motored out to the early lead in the Modified feature. Davis would have to battle Kirk and Steven Bowers Jr. for the top spot. Both Kirk and Bowers would make advances on Davis, but each time Davis would ward off the challengers. Davis hung on until coming out of 4, where he and Kirk would make contact. Kirk would take over the lead as Davis got out of shape and had to gather up his ride.

Once in the top spot Kirk would drive his way to his first win. It was an impressive win. After Kirk took the lead he would extend his advantage over the second place car, Bowers.

Bowers rolled into a 2nd place finish, Davis recovered to finish 3rd, Jake Richards, scored his 2nd top 5 of the night, finishing 4th and Kerry Davis came home in 5th.

One of the most exciting races of the night had to be the Ferrellgas Stock Car main event.

Just like old times, Terry Schmidt back in victory lane. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Just like old times, Terry Schmidt back in victory lane. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

A year ago Terry Schmidt dominated the division. Double digit wins and a championship help propel him into legendary status and it made the other competitors work harder on their programs. Tonight’s main event showed how this equation is going to make the Stock Car class exciting.

Schmidt, Steve Herrick, Zach Henery and Travis Tenpenny quickly separated themselves from the pack in the A feature. The top 4 would mix it up as the laps clicked off. Herrick would make a strong run on Schmidt, but would be taken out of contention with a mechanical problem. Henery and Tenpenny wore going back and forth with each other. Each of these drivers would make their best moves, but catching Schmidt and getting past him was a tall order. Henery would get close, but Schmidt would get the opening night win.

Henery finished a close 2nd, Tenpenny would be right behind in 3rd and brothers Eric and Leif Weyer would also get into fight finishing 4th and 5th respectively.

Tyler Garst #53T and Darren Davenport #85 battle till the end. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Tyler Garst #53T and Darren Davenport #85 battle till the end. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was another strong turnout for the Casey’s General Store Pure Stock division. A total of 19 cars checked in to battle it out.

Darren Davenport was looking to start out 2013 like he did in 2012, with a win. As the race went on it appeared as if Davenport might duplicate his feat from 1 year ago, unfortunately Tyler Garst wanted to start 2013 just like he ended it in 2012, with a win. Something had to give.

In the end it was Davenport that would give way to Garst for the win. Garst pedaled his way past Davenport and held on to the checkers.

Davenport finished 2nd, 3rd went to AJ Christian, Kyle Rowland finished 4th and coming in 5th was Byron Glotzbach.

Super 8 @ Forbes Landing Saturday Showdown #1

A Main Results

Casey’s General Store Pure Stock
1. Tyler Garst
2. Darren Davenport
3. AJ Christian
4. Kyle Rowland
5. Byron Glotzbach
6. Ron Kohn
7. Randy Kohn
8. Tyler Hinrichs
9. Lafe Garst
10. David McDonald
11. Jim Christian
12. Charles Willage
13. Colton Miller
14. Dylan McDonald
15. Shawn Mattox
16. Austin Davenport
17. Scott Garcia
18. Dave Mclaughlin Jr.
19. Big Al Mattox

White Line CDL Training B Mods
1. Dave Samuels
2. Jake Richards
3. Nic Bennett
4. Bryan Rigsby
5. Lucas Isaacs
6. Rusty Trimble
7. Randal Schiffelbein Jr.
8. Heath Murry
9. Cody Thorton
10. Devin Stock
11. Trevor Mohn
12. Derrick Huffman
13. Brian Hey
14. Matthew Lang
15. Lance Lincoln
16. Joey Woodworth
17. Mike Barta
18. Leonard Meier III
19. Casey Meggison
20. Ethan Isaacs
21. John Grist
22. Lance Dixon
23. Ryan Medeiros
24. Tracy Schaefer (DQ)

Ferrellgas Stock Cars
1. Terry Schmidt
2. Zach Henery
3. Travis Tenpenny
4. Eric Weyer
5. Leif Weyer
6. Tyson Young
7. Bob Troutwine
8. Ronnie Moore
9. Steve Herrick
10. Craig Springer
11. James King
12. Dustin Sievers
13. Abdul Chatoo
14. Ken Garcia
15. Danny Masters

Washburn Tech Modifieds
1. Dalton Kirk
2. Steven Bowers Jr.
3. Tad Davis
4. Jake Richards
5. Kerry Davis
6. Robert Shepard
7. Jimmy Hernandez
8. Jared Rogers
9. Tom Grist
10. Brandon Givens
11. Cliff Shepard
12. Allen Halderman
13. Darren Robinson
14. Mike Eisenhut
15. Jay Bailey

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