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Ainsworth Picks Up Opening Night Win At I-35

Randy Ainsworth topped a stout field of Sport Mods at I-35. Ron Haw PictureMeRacing.Com

Randy Ainsworth topped a stout field of Sport Mods at I-35. Ron Haw PictureMeRacing.Com

Feature action got underway in the Grand National class with the 2012 Track Champion Bud Wilson, with a new look #75, leading the pack until a broken fan belt sent him behind the wall early. This turned the lead over to #9 Don Marrs who was challenged late by “The fifteen year old Sensation” Austin Johnson in the #98 car. Marrs held on to victory with Johnson a close second, Travis Walker in #71 came home third, “Moose” Houston Johnson #97 in fourth and rounding out the field after trouble was Wilson.

Next up was the IMCA stock cars, after a caution riddled feature where early season jitters were more than evident, 6x of Greg Keuhn was able to land the feature win. Keuhn was challenged mid race by Jeremiah Asher in the Boller prepared #14x who lead for several laps before a mishap in turn four gave the lead back to Keuhn. With battles raging throughout the field many drivers found themselves having to fight their way from back to front repeatedly due to cautions. When the smoke had cleared #21a of Aaron “Boo” Sauter placed second with the #18 Richard Moulton car third, Asher falling back to fourth, and Mathew West’s #1x coming in fifth.

Taking off right where he left off last season 2012 Track Champion #57 Randy Ainsworth wins the IMCA Sport Mod class. Ainsworth took the lead midway through passing the #37 Anthony Asher who put up a strong showing by placing second. Aaron Duvall driving the #27s proved to be a strong contender, charging from tenth starting position to finish in third place. Eddie Swope III started on the pole but feel back late to finish up in fourth, with Nick Hanes driving the 9h rounding out the top five.

The future looks bright in the IMCA Hobby Stock’s with 16 year old Kenny Champ speeding his way to victory in a hard fought competitive class. Racing behind the leader proved exciting as the 4c of Kurt Reed battled his way through the pack to place second. “Mr. Burnout” Lee Farmer’s 17f rallied his way to third after recovering from an earlier race incident which sent him to the rear of the field. In fourth place for the evening was #77c Andy Coffman and #83 David Truskett with a solid fifth place finish.

As the IMCA Modifieds took to the dirt the racing action heated to a boiling point for the night. Side by side action from start to finish was on the agenda for all that participated. Darren Shaw’s #11 looked to be the car to beat as he captured the early lead and held on for several circuits until sliding high in turns three and four leaving the door open for #19 PJ “The King” Conger. Conger received a strong challenge late, but held off the hard charging #71j of Jeff James who finished second. With an impressive performance #38 of Brad Bergren finished third, “Mr. Excitement” Jim Cameron’s #96c coming in fourth and fifth going to the #10 car driven by Johnny McGinnis.

I-35 Speedway Fans were treated to a great night of racing along with the kids participating in our first “stinky foot races” of the season. Please make plans to join us next week for more action packed excitement at I-35 Speedway “Dirt Trackin’ at its best”!

I-35 race results for 4/6/2013
Grand National
1. Don Marrs #9
2. Austin Johnson #98
3. Travis Walker #71
4. Houston Johnson #97
5. Bud Wilson #75

IMCA Stock Cars
1. Greg Keuhn #6x
2. Aaron “Boo” Sauter #21a
3. Richard Moulton #18
4. Jeremiah Asher #14x
5. Mathew West #31x
6. Jake Cameron #86c
7. Kevin Anderson #417
8. Shawn Lee #4d
9. Jeff Dixon #88
10. Dean Wray #77
11. John Crews #12c
12. Todd Fisher #44
13. Derek Kirkland #2k
14. Brad Whitney #x9
15. Jeremy Swanson #95

IMCA Sport Mod’s
1. Randy Ainsworth #57a
2. Anthony Asher #37
3. Aaron Duvall #27s
4. Eddie Swope III #97
5. Nick Hanes #9h
6. Scotty Grenier #25
7. Cliff Roberts #12r
8. Jeremy Pittsenbarger #32p
9. Lynn Starry #54
10. Mike Nelson #95
11. Josh Steel #94j
12. Ronnie Miller #76
13. Justin Custer #89
14. Doug Keller #7
15. Jeff Stotts #12
16. Wes Bestgen #15b
17. Caleb Dennis #11

IMCA Hobby Stock
1. Kenny Champ #3
2. Curt Reed #4c
3. Lee Farmer #17f
4. Andy Coffman #77c
5. David Truskett #83
6. Tyson Overton #42t
7. Jeremy Turner #55l
8. Trinedy Barker #22b
9. Adam Reeter #74r
10. Bryce Whitney #x9
11. Mich Ross #34

IMCA Modifieds
1. P.J. Conger #19
2. Jeff James #71j
3. Brad Bergren #38
4. Jim Cameron #96c
5. Johnny McGinnis #10
6. Darren Shaw #11
7. Steven Glenn #26s
8. John Hanson #2h
9. Jim Hopkins #71
10. Randy Smith #26

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