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Sobbing Continues Winning Ways At Hays

Jesse Sobbing, after moving up from Sport Mods, continues to rack up wins. Dusty Wiegert Photo MidwestDirt.Com

Jesse Sobbing, after moving up from Sport Mods, continues to rack up wins. Dusty Wiegert Photo MidwestDirt.Com

Mike Hughes (Hays, KS) — Taking advantage of a late restart, Jesse Sobbing caught leader Jeremy Frenier and scored the $1,000 IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified victory on night two of the Sunflower Classic at RPM Speedway.

Frenier had taken the Friday checkers and looked for a repeat on Saturday. Eddie Belec stayed close to Frenier before the top duo caught up to traffic on lap 15.

Frenier kept a couple cars between himself and Belec before the caution waved on lap 23 for a multi-car tangle. Frenier lined up on the point for the restart, with Belec and Sobbing right behind.

When the green flag returned, Sobbing shot to the front and was first to the checkers in the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot qualifier and Precise Racing BST Series event. Frenier held off Belec for second, with Jeremy Zorn fourth and Dylan Sherfick fifth.

Nearly 160 race teams returned to Hays for the second night of the inaugural special. Mike Nichols topped the Dirt Track Central Goodland Machine Great Plains feature for IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars while three other drivers repeated their winning ways from Friday.

Nichols, who broke his transmission on opening night, took over the point on lap four and held on for the rest of the caution-free Stock Car contest.

Hard charger was Justin Temeyer had to run a “B” feature to make the main event. He started 21st and finished second, with Perry Misner, Geoff Jermark and Jason Rogers rounding out the top five.

Repeat winners were Cody Graham in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks, Tyler Frye in the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods and David Dembowski in the Mach-1 Sport Compacts.

Graham passed race-long leader Russ Specht on lap 12 and held off Kurt Hansen for the Hobby Stock checkers. Austin Tammen finished third, followed by Garrett Hager and Specht.

Frye found a way around Cory Struckhoff eight laps into the SportMod main. Struckhoff ended in second, trailed by Austin Carter, Blaine Walt and Clay Money.

Four different drivers led over the course of the Sport Compact feature. Dembowski passed Dean Herzog on lap eight enroute to his bookend win.

Feature Results

Modifieds – 1. Jesse Sobbing; 2. Jeremy Frenier; 3. Eddie Belec; 4. Jeremy Zorn; 5. Dylan Sherfick; 6. Rodger Peck; 7. Joe Cleveland; 8. Cody Gearhart; 9. David Murray Jr.; 10. Shannon Maughlin; 11. Travis Sherfick; 12. Ryan Heger; 13. Tim Watts; 14. Charley Brown; 15. Mike Petersilie; 16. Danny Concelman; 17. Rob Day; 18. Greg Gustus; 19. Nate Moore; 20. Kyle Rohleder; 21. Corey Lagroon; 22. Corey Burch; 23. Marty Clark; 24. Randy Wilson.

Stock Cars – 1. Mike Nichols; 2. Justin Temeyer; 3. Perry Misner; 4. Geoff Jermark; 5. Jason Rogers; 6. Casey Woken; 7. Lance Borgman; 8. Jerry Phillips; 9. Jeff Tubbs; 10. Jesse Taylor; 11. Jeff Joldersma; 12. Barrett Wagoner; 13. Nick Tubbs; 14. Michael Pepper; 15. Scot Granzella; 16. Dan Walker; 17. Tyler Tipton; 18. Kyle Clough; 19. Pat Bedore; 20. Terry Cunningham; 21. Jason Davis; 22. Michael Meyer; 23. Bruce Plumisto; 24. Luke Pfannenstiel.

Hobby Stocks – 1. Cody Graham; 2. Kurt Hansen; 3. Austin Tammen; 4. Garrett Hager; 5. Russ Specht; 6. Ron Wehling; 7. Aaron Gray; 8. Tommy Fose; 9. G.W. Fuller; 10. Daniel Irwin; 11. Eric Ross; 12. Leon Pfannenstiel; 13. Colton Pfeifer; 14. Jason McIntyre; 15. Brian Stich; 16. Jeromy Wagner; 17. Jason Fusselman; 18. Dillon Thompson; 19. W.D. Matteson; 20. Josh Hrabe.

Northern SportMods – 1. Tyler Frye; 2. Cory Struckhoff; 3. Austin Carter; 4. Blaine Walt; 5. Clay Money; 6. Clay Sellard; 7. Josh Appel; 8. Kurtin Pihl; 9. Bart Baker; 10. Kaid Calhoon; 11. Joe Couse; 12. Brendon Damon; 13. Ryan Moser; 14. Jeremy Couse; 15. Austin Walker; 16. Terry Blessing; 17. Mike Appel; 18. Andy Barton; 19. Dustin Daniels; 20. Brian Williams; 21. Tyler Watts; 22. Jerrod Couse; 23. Jeremy Sigler; 24. Ryan Stevenson.

Sport Compacts – 1. David Dembowski; 2. Dean Herzog; 3. Art Herzog; 4. Brandon Lobdell; 5. Michael Smith; 6. Kirk Pfannenstiel; 7. Vincent Jasper; 8. Jarrett Pfannentstiel; 9. Tanner Chapin; 10. Shyla Hughes; 11. Madison Reed; 12. Kiowa Higdon; 13. Justin Rohr; 14. Andrew Solderlund; 15. Ed Jasper; 16. Tristen Barton; 17. Zach Olmstead.

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