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Ice Breaker Closes Down In Style

Keith White wins IMCA Mod Sunday Feature at the Ice Breaker - Debbie Johnson picture

By J M Hallas – Abilene, Tx.,(Feb. 26th, 2012) Sunday ended the weekend for the 2012 Icebreaker, presented by Smileys and Showtime Signs & Designs, on Abilene Speedway’s ¼ mile. Drivers in all three IMCA classes (Modified, Southern Sportmods, Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks) competed for early season track, state regional and national points, as well as the Lone Star Series.

Afternoon racing is always tricky on the high-banked, red clay, oval as drivers and crews scrambled for their best dry slick set up throughout the day’s events.

White Goes Wire to Wire for Modified Money

Capping off a fairly decent weekend, Academy’s Keith White ended on a winning note going flag to flag in the 20-lap IMCA Modified main event. Joe Spillman was first into turn 1 from the pole, but White was able to duck underneath him coming off turn 4 to lead lap 1. Vince Ogle took over second on an early restart and chased down White during the midway point. Ogle made up the distance in the waning laps, but couldn’t find a way around the Southern Regional champion, White at the checkers.

As green waved on the 20-car IMCA Modified field Spillman eased ahead in the first corner, but got passed by White coming back to the line. A multi-car melee in turns 3-4 brought the action to halt quickly on lap 1. On the first try at a restart, Mark Patterson went around and collected Jason Hunter in turn 4. Finally back under green, Ogle took second from Spillman with he and White beginning to inch away.

Allen Bradley tried to put Spillman back another spot, but ended up giving his spot to Fred Wojtek on lap 8. At halfway it was White and Ogle with a huge lead on the pack while Spillman, Wojtek and Bradley rounded out the top five. A track tire brought out the first caution on lap 10 bringing the field back to the lead duo. Under caution, Spillman pulled off from third with oil pressure issues.

On the restart, Hunter dropped the driveshaft in his ride to bring the yellow right back out. Once back to green White got a car length on Ogle with Brandon Stewart looking low on Charles Brewer for fifth. The top two again began easing away from the field to settle the match between themselves.

Stewart was finally able to get past Brewer on lap 16, while Ogle closed back up on White. With two to go, Ogle was on White’s tail, but White crept ahead by two car lengths as the white flag waved. At the checkers it was White in the Tracy Auto Sales, Braka Operating, Extreme Graphics, BSB Manufacturing, TCC, Craftmasters Powder Coating,, Centex Motorsports powered, Hughes Chassis taking home the win.

**Unable to contact White for comments

IMCA Modifieds

I Keith White, Academy

7 Vince Ogle, Lubbock

44 Fred Wojtek, Abilene

12 Brandon Stewart, Forney

11 Allen Bradley, Farmington, NM

72 Charles Brewer, Abilene

41 Monte Bolton, Lubbock

52 John Gober, Poolville

90 Tommy Fain, Abilene

69 Danny Hogue, Abilene

26 Darin Leonard, Sinton

71 Kevin Sustaire, Emory

117 Jimmy Tidwell, Round Rock

23 Chris Elliott, Eastland

13 Jason Hunter, Poolville

444 Joe Spillman, Marble Falls

01 Mark Patterson, Abilene

28 Gabe Tucker, Carbon

19 Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown, Ia.

9 Pat McGuire, Belton

IMCA Modified B-mains (Top 4 to A-main)

B-main #1 69 Danny Hogue, Abilene, 52 John Gober, Poolville, 26 Darin Leonard, Sinton, 28 Gabe Tucker, Carbon

B-main #2 90 Tommy Fain, Abilene, 71 Kevin Sustaire, Emory, 12 Brandon Stewart, Forney, 117 Jimmy Tidwell, Round Rock

IMCA Modified heats (Top 2 to A-main)

Heat 1 1 Keith White, Academy, 7 Vince Ogle, Lubbock

Heat 2 9 Pat McGuire, Belton, 13 Jason Hunter, Poolville

Heat 3 44 Fred Wojtek, Abilene, 23 Chris Elliott, Eastland

Heat 4 72 Charles Brewer, Abilene, 01 Mark Patterson, Abilene

Heat 5 11 Allen Bradley, Farmington, NM, 19 Jimmy Gustin, Marshalltown, Ia.

Heat 6 444 Joe Spillman, Marble Falls, 41 Monte Bolton, Lubbock

Kiphen Conquers Sportmod Field

Sid Kiphen (Gatesville) got an early gift in the 24-car IMCA Southern Sportmod feature when early leader, Tyler Fain broke under caution. Fain got out front after the initial start was waved off, for a mid-pack stack up. After a red for a blown motor, Fain was unable to refire handing the top spot to Kiphen. Kiphen made the most of it pulling away to huge lead over Terry Owen and track champ, Matt Mueller. At the finish Kiphen held a full straightaway margin over the rest of the field.

A huge pile up coming to the green flag quickly brought the 20-lap IMCA Southern Sportmod to a halt and complete start. Fain got a good jump when the green waved ahead of Kiphen, Owen, Nick Roberts and Matt Mueller. Mueller had just started to work on Roberts when a bumper on the track brought out a lap 1 yellow.

Back to green with Fain and Kiphen getting away, and Mueller getting by Roberts but a tire on track brought out another caution. Coming to take the green for the next try, Michael Tennison blew the motor and rolled to a stop. After the cleanup, Fain was not able to start and was pushed to his pits giving the lead to Kiphen.

Kiphen got away clean as the race restarted leaving Owen, Roberts, Mueller and Todd Bartlett in his wake. Mueller was finally able to get past Roberts for third on lap 4, with lots of rubbin’ going on in the pack. Coming to halfway Kiphen had built a half straightaway edge on Owen, Mueller, Roberts and Bartlett.

Bartlett and Doug Easterling were both able to get under Roberts for fourth and fifth, with Johnny Torres looking to make the same pass. Kiphen had a full straight on Owen, while Mueller, Bartlett and Easterling ran nose to tail. Kiphen was able to hold that advantage the final five laps to easily grab the victory in the K&S Backhoe Service, Southwest Racing Specialties, Centex Motorsports, Express Race Car.

“Racing is for fun, winning is a bonus,” said Kiphen. ““I would have liked to race with (Tyler) Fain. It would have been a good race. It took a few laps for my tires to come in and I was going to try anyway I could to get around him. I felt bad that he broke, but sometimes those things happen. It worked out nice for me, this time.”

“We made some adjustments to the car that it didn’t like on Friday and Saturday night. So we changed things again for today and the car was great. I couldn’t have asked for a better handling car.”

“We all know on Sunday at Abilene it’s a “draw” contest with the track going so dry slick. It seemed like some moisture came back on the bottom and it helped my car. There was also a groove of some oil from a blown motor that actually a good line to run, if that makes any sense.”

“I have to thank Kyle Bloodworth and Roy Ewing for coming along and helping me out this weekend. Roy hasn’t been racing since 2005 and he was having a blast. I think he was trying to drive from the grandstands.”

IMCA Southern Sportmods

58 Sid Kiphen, Gatesville

25 Terry Owen, Merkel

38 Matt Mueller, Stamford

690 Todd Bartlett, Abilene

88 Doug Easterling, Abilene

223 Kick Roberts, Des Moines, Ia.

166 Johnny Torres, San Antonio

59 Chad Hertel, Abilene

31 Matt Martin, Kaufman

511 Cory Williams, Slaton

999 Jesse Sobbing, Glenwood, Ia.

5 Tad Reutzel, Burt, Ia.

15 Kevin Green, Robinson

7 Stephen Robison, Abilene

26 Dean Abbey, Haslet

77 Tyler Fain, Tuscola

766 Shane Priddy, Abilene

63 Michael Tennison, Baird

120 Lance Fulgham, Abilene

20 Ronnie Welborn, Princeton

227 Forrest Wemken, Dunn

95 Steve Hayes, Eastland

48 Bradley Poor, Abilene

IMCA Southern Sportmod B-mains (Top 4 to A-main)

B-main #1 48 Bradley Poor, Abilene, 511 Cory Williams, Slaton, 15 Kevin Green, Robinson, 59 Chad Hertel

B-main #2 7 Stephen Robison, Abilene, 95 Steve Hayes, Eastland, 26 Dean Abbey, Haslet, 20 Ronnie Welborn, Princeton

IMCA Southern Sportmod heats (Top 2 to A-main)

Heat 1 766 Shane Priddy, Abilene, 166 Johnny Torres, San Antonio

Heat 2 63 Michael Tennison, Baird, 58 Sid Kiphen, Gatesville

Heat 3 690 Todd Bartlett, Abilene, 77 Tyler Fain, Tuscola

Heat 4 120 Lance Fulgham, Abilene, 227 Forrest Wemken, Dunn

Heat 5 38 Matt Mueller, Stamford, 223 Nick Roberts, Des Moines

Heat 6 25 Terry Owen, Merkel, 5 Tad Reutzel, Burt, Ia.

Killen King of Sunday Stock Cars

So people take their vacation to the Bahamas, or on a cruise, but racers will be racers and the Killen’s chose Texas for a ‘racing’ vacation. Tommy Killen (Des Moines, Ia.) made his trip pay off leading every lap of the 20-lap IMCA Stock Car feature event. T. Killen, who missed making the Friday and Saturday show, made some changes and drew a good number, starting on the pole. Jeff Turner gave T. Killen some pressure, while guarding second from Don Killen. After a late restart, T. Killen eased ahead of Turner by a few car lengths, holding that advantage, to take the win.

When the green flag waved on the 20-car IMCA Stock Car feature with polesitter T. Killen out front ahead of Turner, D. Killen, Matt Guillaume and Nyle Godwin, with side by side racing back in the pack. Jason Batt broke out that pack getting by Cory Davis. Godwin gave away his top five spot after a spin in turn 4 to bring out a yellow on lap 5.

The top three eased away from Guillaume, Shane Priddy, Batt, Davis Keith White and Damon Murty, on the restart. Priddy began to look for a way by Guillaume low, but found no room as they came to halfway with T. Killen getting a bit of breathing room. It wasn’t long until the second pack reeled in the battle for second between Turner and D. Killen.

The evil track tire jumped on the track for a lap 14 caution, erasing T. Killen’s lead. Coming back to green it was a high speed game of bumper tag, but everyone survived. D. Killen clipped an infield tire on lap 17 knocking a hole in the radiator and was forced to pull off from third. A lap later Guillaume spun from third and got T-boned by Davis for a yellow.

T. Killen ran out to a three car advantage on Turner as the race resumed. Priddy was now putting some heat on Turner for second as the white flag was shown. T. Killen held his margin over to grab the victory in the Dons Tire & Auto, Bobs Transmissions, Cornwell Tools, L&G Graphics, Mid-States Motors, Killen Chassis.

“I just to be smooth and steady,” commented T. Killen. “This was the first feature I’ve made all week. We made some changes and changed the gear. I came down here with a 6.50 and had to drop down to a 5.83. That made the difference tonight I think.”

“We run on dirt back home instead of this clay. This track doesn’t take as much gear as the ones we race on. We run Des Moines on Friday night and Boone on Saturday night, then there’s Oskaloosa on Wednesday. Des Moines and Osky are big half mile tracks and Boone a 3/8th track.”

“There are some other little bull rings like this up there, Stuart is one of those. This is where we all learned to race at.”

“We’re just down on here on vacation. We just came to have fun.”

IMCA Stock Cars

11 Tommy Killen, Des Moines, Ia.

44 Jeff Turner, Seagoville

77 Shane Priddy, Abilene

10 Keith White, Academy

91 Jason Batt, Harker Heights

221 Duain Pritchett, Combine

103 JC Howell, Mabank

169 Lewis Hammond, Midland

110 Nyle Godwin, Redfield, Ia.

6 Caleb Crenshaw, Ft. Worth

28 Cory Davis, Eunice, NM

20 Brandon Clough, Wallace, Nebr.

29 Brendan Silts, Grand Island, Nebr.

501 Matt Guillaume, Tomball

43 Scotty Cook, Abilene

07 Dennis Bissonnette, Stephenville

81 Don Killen. Des Moines, Ia.

18 David Phillips, Abilene

4 Kenneth Graves, Tahoka

99 Damon Murty, Chelsea, Ia.

IMCA Stock Car B-main (Top 4 to A-main)

B-main #1 10 Keith White, Academy, 99 Damon Murty, Chelsea, Ia., 07 Dennis Bissonnette, Stephenville, 20 Brandon Clough, Wallace Nebr.

B-main #2 169 Lewis Hammond, Midland, 221 Duain Pritchett, Combine, 6 Caleb Crenshaw, Ft. Worth, 43 Scotty Cook, Abilene

IMCA Stock Car Heats (Top 2 to A-main)

Heat 1 4 Kenneth Graves, Tahoka, Tommy Killen, Des Moines, Ia.

Heat 2 501 Matt Guillaume, Tomball, 77 Shane Priddy, Abilene

Heat 3 18 David Phillips, Abilene, 81 Don Killen, Des Moines

Heat 4 44 Jeff Turner, Seagoville, 103 JC Howell, Mabank

Heat 5 28 Cory Davis Eunice, NM, 29 Brendan Silts, Grand Island, Nebr.

Heat 6 110 Nyle Godwin, Redfield, Ia. 91 Jason Batt, Harker Heights

Watson Wins on Last Lap Pass

After losing the lead the past two nights on the final circuit, Des Moines, Iowa’s, John Watson took one of his own. Chase Neill led at the start of the 20-car IMCA Hobby Stock main, with Bryan Sewell on his tail. Watson lurked in third until getting by Sewell with five to go and ran down Neill. As the lead duo took the white flag Watson ducked under Neill going into turn 1 and got by coming off turn 2. From there Watson was able to clear Neill on the back stretch and go on to the victory.

A huge pile up coming to green quickly brought the 20-car IMCA Hobby Stock main to a halt, bringing about a complete restart. Neill beat the field into turn 1 with a good start as Sewell, Jon Grindstaff, Chase Parson and Watson fell in line. Watson picked off Parson then Grindstaff for third bringing Parson along to fourth.

Watson ran down Neill and Sewell as the top three began to break away.

The lead trio quickly caught slower traffic before halfway and at the mid-point it was Neill, Sewell, Watson, Parson and Grindstaff. The leaders diced through traffic while exchanging bumper shots as they all got hung up on the low side behind slower cars.

A caution for an infield tire on the track was this time, a relief to the lead group, giving them clear track on the restart. Once back to green Neill got sideways with Sewell trying low, and Watson looking high, but all held on to their spots. With five to go the top five were all nose to tail until Watson got by Sewell. Parson followed through the hole, but Sewell retook the position in the next corner.

Watson closed up on the rear bumper of Neill, with an occasional tap to let him know he was there. As Neill and Watson came to take the white flag, Watson slipped inside going into turn 1 and came out with the lead. Watson held off Neill the final three quarters of a lap for the win in the Johns Tree Service, Supreme Tire & Auto, Yaws Auto Salvage, Supreme Lawn & Landscape, Dons Tire & Auto, Supreme Racing Stables. KMS, NB Golf Carts, Sta-Rite Transmissions, Nutz Graphics & Vinyl, GM Crate Motor, Big Daddy Race Car.

“There’s some pretty tough competition down here,” stated Watson. “I enjoy racing as close as we have been down here with all the last lap passes. Today you just had to wait for someone to bobble on a track like this, keep the car out of trouble and hope you didn’t get spun. I was able to get under him (Neill) and be first one into the corner.”

“Those guys were hugging the bottom pretty good, so their car must be handling. I was thinking if I could just to second place I’d have a chance to make another last lap pass. This Big Daddy’s Chassis will get in corner good, I can turn it and get a good bite coming off.”

“This is a brand new car that I got just after Christmas. We threw it together and put an old set up on it from our last car. We won eighteen features with it, so it must work. We were coming down here just to get some practice really and hoping for the best.”

“There are several of us working together on things, Shannon Anderson, Jamie Songer, Danny Watson and Curt Reed. We share a lot of knowledge between us and hope one of us can come away with a national point’s championship.”

IMCA Hobby Stocks

4 John Watson, Des Moines, Ia.

1 Chase Neill, Ft. Worth

144 Bryan Sewell, Seagoville

27 Chase Parson, Abilene

17 Jon Grindstaff, Venus

85 David Bissonnette, Stephenville

56 Justin Cass, Abilene

11 Bud Ohliger, Abilene

18 Jim Hall, Jackson, Nebr.

15 Terry Comer, Hawley

21 Aaron Elliott, Hawley

34 Tracy Haynes, Willow Park

94 Todd Gereau, Sioux City, Ia.

121 Brian Stich, Topeka, Kan.

71 Brent Sauble, Willow Park

62 Johnathan Davis, Sweetwater

777 Tom Love, Jackson, Nebr.

6 Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Nebr.

25 Jeremy Carter, Joshua

46 Billy Taylor, Gatesville

IMCA Hobby Stock B-main (Top 8 to A-main)

18 Jim Hall, Jackson, Nebr., 15 Terry Comer, Hawley, 46 Billy Taylor, Gatesville, 777 Tom Love, Jackson, Nebr., 94 Todd Gereau, Sioux City, Ia., 71 Brent Sauble, Willow Park, 121 Brian Stitch, Topeka, Kan., 62 Johnathan Davis, Sweetwater.

IMCA Hobby Stock heats (Top 3 to A-main)

Heat 1 6 Adam Armstrong, Beatrice, Nebr., 85 David Bissonnette, Stephenville, 34 Tracy Haynes, Willow Park

Heat 2 27 Chase Parson, Abilene, 1 Chase Neill, Ft. Worth, 21 Aaron Elliott, Hawley

Heat 3 17 Jon Grindstaff, Venus, 11 Bud Ohliger, Abilene, 25 Jeremy Carter, Joshua

Heat 4 144 Bryan Sewell, Seagoville, 56 Justin Cass, Abilene, 4 John Watson, Des Moines, Ia.

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