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Showing that he is unbeatable at Humboldt Speedway, Derrek Wilson. Dayton Sutterby Finish Line Photography.

Showing that he is unbeatable at Humboldt Speedway, Derrek Wilson. Dayton Sutterby Finish Line Photography.

By Scott Lee Stewart – After every feature race at Humboldt Speedway, a select number of top 5 cars is required to undergo post race tech inspection. Items checked change each week, so it’s in a driver’s best interest to “keep it legal”.

From a spectator standpoint, post race tech is routine, maybe a good time to go get another beer or a hot dog.

Still, there are moments:

Fans had just been treated to maybe the most exciting Factory Stock feature this year; Scott Stuart had narrowly defeated a hard charging Gary Langworthy, Jr. Door to door combat had raged through the field. Everybody finished. It was a great race.

Then, as the USRA Modified feature was forming up, word from the pits, two Factory Stocks out of the top five were DQ’d, including the winner!

Seems that there was a problem with the rear suspension in the #74 Stuart car involving the springs. Also, Patrick Kay, who finished fifth, was found to be out of compliance with the rules.

In the end, Langworthy, Jr. was declared the winner. Jay Lamons, Jr. was awarded second, with Jeremy Wilson scored in third. David Matlock took fourth, with Tim Phillips fifth.

The USRA/McCarthy Auto Group Modified feature was classic, a pure speed deal. Ryan McAninch, current points leader, engaged Whitey Folk in a high side/low side thriller for the lead, until the rear end gears in Folk’s #6 car self destructed. McAninish then had to fend off eventual runner up Jess Folk, Jr., who was in turn dueling with third place finisher Johnny Allen. Travis Smith was fourth, while Cody Schniepp came from 19th to 5th.

In the Ray’s Metal Depot B-Mod main, Jimmie Davis wired the field, while Tim VanGotten and Tyler Kidwell finished second and third, respectively. Fourth went to Riley Whitworth, Matthew Lang was fifth.

A back up engine carried Derrek Wilson to the winners circle in the Whitworth Construction Pure Stock feature. Mitchell Coulter took second, Jared Hayden was third. Fourth went to Donnie Devers, Mike Aielo was fifth.

Humboldt Speedway
Race Results
Friday, June 07, 2013

Ray’s Metal Depot B-Mod
1, Jimmie Davis. 2, Tim VanGotten. 3, Tyler Kidwell. 4, Riley Whitworth. 5, Matthew Lang. 6, Leon Bash. 7, Mike Letterman. 8, Jason Thurman. 9, Brad Jarman. 10, Allen Winters. 11, Scott Collins. 12, Mike Schierlman. 13, Preston Mitchal. 14, Jon Westhoff. 15, Randy Zimmerman.
HEAT 1 1, Jimmie Davis. 2, Matthew Lang. 3, Scott Collins. 4, Mike Letterman. 5, Jason Thurman. 6, Allen Winters. 7, Jon Westhoff. 8, Mike Schierlman.
HEAT 2 1, Leon Bash. 2, Tyler Kidwell. 3, Brad Jarman. 4, Tim VanGotten. 5, Riley Whitworth. 6, Brandon Jones. 7, Preston Mitchal. 8, Randy Zimmerman.

A FEATURE 1, Gary Langworthy Jr.. 2, Jay Lamons Jr. 3, Jeremy Wilson. 4, David Matlock. 5, Tim Phillips. 6, Tyler Vincent. 7, Tyler James.
HEAT 1 1, Scott Stuart. 2, Jeremy Wilson. 3, Gary Langworthy Jr.. 4, David Matlock. 5, Tyler
HEAT 2 1, Tyler James. 2, Tim Phillips. 3, Jay Lamons Jr. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, Clint Drake.

MaCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified
A FEATURE 1, Ryan McAninch. 2, Jesse Folk Jr. 3, John Allen. 4, Travis Smith. 5, Cody Schniepp. 6,Scott Daniels. 7, Gene Hogan. 8, Adam Schrag. 9, Luke Driskell. 10, Jerry Schniepp. 11, Allan Broers. 12, Paden Phillips. 13, Dennis Bishop. 14, Jeremy Chambers. 15, Bryce Schniepp. 16, Dan Nasalroad. 17, Juston Mitchell. 18, Justin Folk. 19, Chase Sigg. 20, Chris Purkey
HEAT 1 1, Gene Hogan. 2, Ryan McAninch. 3, Travis Smith. 4, Luke Driskell. 5, Chase Sigg. 6, Jerry Schniepp. 7, Cody Schniepp.
HEAT 2 1, Justin Folk. 2, Scott Daniels. 3, Paden Phillips. 4, John Allen. 5, Jeremy Chambers. 6. Dennis Bishop. 7, Juston Mitchell.
HEAT 3 1, Jesse Folk Jr. 2, Allan Broers. 3, Adam Schrag. 4, Bryce Schniepp. 5, Chris Purkey. 6 Dan Nasalroad.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
A FEATURE 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Mitchell Coulter. 3, Jared Hayden. 4, Donnie Devers. 5, Michael Aiello. 6, Wayne Johnson. 7, Curt Wittman. 8, Ken Colston. 9, Matthew Kay. 10, Ryan Smith. 11, Eldon Donald McIntosh.
HEAT 1 1, Jared Hayden. 2, Derrek Wilson. 3, Matthew Kay. 4, Wayne Johnson. 5, Ken Colston. 6, Dakota Hufferd.
HEAT 2 1, Mitchell Coulter. 2, Donnie Devers. 3, Ryan Smith. 4, Michael Aiello. 5, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 6, Curt Wittman.

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