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McDonald & Mother Nature Win At Heartland Park

Mother Nature couldn't hold David McDonald back as he won the Pure Stock A Main. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Mother Nature couldn’t hold David McDonald back as he won the Pure Stock A Main. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – Sometimes you try your best to get the show in. Saturday night the folks at Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track did everything they could to get the show in. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans of her own.

Twelve laps of the Casey’s General Store Pure Stock main event were in the books before the sky opened up and peppered the track with some heavy rain. It would stop, but officials fearing more of the same decided to call the Pure Stock feature complete and double up on the features for the White Line CDL Training B Mods, Ferrellgas Stock Cars and Washburn Tech Modifieds next Saturday night, June 15.

The Super 8 at Forbes Landing Saturday Showdown will begin next week with the remaining features to be run first and then they will run race #8 after the final make-up feature.

David McDonald scored his 1st win in the Casey’s General Store Pure Stock A Main.

Starting from the front row of the feature McDonald held a quick battle with the pole setter, Scott Garcia. McDonald won the battle and stayed out front the entire race.

The battle during the feature ranged from 2nd to 7th place as 6 cars battled to the bitter end or at least until the rain came.

Working lap 10, a wild accident between the cars battling for 2nd would lead to a red flag situation. Garcia would get tangled up with Robert Garst down the front straight. The end result would be a bent up race car for Garcia as he went rolling and then pirouetted coming to a stop.

Once the field went back to green flag racing it was all McDonald again.

The field of cars were able to only finish a few more laps before another incident between drivers and the ensuing rain would put a halt to the event.

Garst would finish in the 2nd spot, 3rd went to Devers, last week’s winner, Byron Glotzbach, finished 4th and Darren Davenport drove from 12th to 5th in the main event.

Race #8 Father’s Day Special presented by Boss Hawgs night at the races will see double features for the Mods, B Mods and Stock Cars and then an entire new show! Come out and join all the fun at Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track.

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Dirt Track
Feature Race Results for 6/8/2013

Pure Stock – Feature
Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
2 1 19 David McDonald Topeka, KS
6 2 15Z Robert Garst Topeka, KS
3 3 81 Donnie Devers Baldwin, KS
7 4 59 Byron Glotzbach Topeka, KS
12 5 85 Darren Davenport Tecumseh, KS
13 6 74C Colton Miller Topeka, KS
11 7 53T Tyler Garst Topeka, KS
4 8 391 Jim Christian Topeka, KS
14 9 07 Ronald Kohn Topeka, KS
16 10 39C Lawrence Cobler Topeka, KS
18 11 03D Lance Dixon Topeka, KS
17 12 8JR David McLaughlin Jr Topeka, KS
19 13 18 Dylan McDonald Topeka, KS
5 14 17 Randy Kohn Topeka, KS
10 15 25 Tyler Hinrichs Americus, KS
8 16 83 Alan Mattox Tecumseh, KS
9 17 355 AJ Christian Topeka, KS
1 18 90 Scott Garcia Topeka, KS
15 19 13 Shawn Mattox Topeka, KS

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