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Hughes Light, Allen Wins NCRA Modified Feature!

Park City, Kansas – June 16, 2013 – Former three-time series champion John Allen benefited from Kip Hughes being light at the scales to win the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products modified feature Father’s Day Sunday night during the running of the “Hoosier Daddy/Bill Hall Memorial” at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas.

No other details are to be known other than Allen started outside front row while fifth starting Hughes took the lead at some point during the feature.

Tyler Davis came home second, followed by two-time and defending champion Marc Hurd, Don Hodge and Jason McGehee.

Heat race winners for the thirty car field were won by Allen, Dan Powers, Hurd and Davis while Kenny Sweet won the “B” feature.

The next scheduled event for the NCRA modified division will take place on Friday night, July 5th, atop the high banks of Belleville in Belleville, Kansas

NCRA Modifieds

81 Speedway/Park City, Kansas

June 16, 2013

30 cars

1st Heat: 1) John Allen (Chanute, Ks), 2) Kip Hughes (Enid, Ok), 3) Kirby Robe (Colwich, Ks), 4) Jason McGehee (Wichita, Ks), 5) Jase Wedel (Wichita, Ks), 6) Jimmy Brozek (Stafford, Ks), 7) Dustin Belcher (Wichita, Ks), 8) AJ Brochu (Enid, Ok)

2nd Heat: 1) Dan Powers (Wichita, Ks), 2) Josh Lanterman (Wichita, Ks), 3) Bill Siemers (Mulvane, Ks), 4) Justin Moler (Wichita, Ks), 5) Ross Shipman (Belle Plaine, Ks), 6) Rodney Chaffin (Wichita, Ks), 7) Craig Miller (Hutchinson, Ks), 8) Craig Crossette (Valley Center, Ks)

3rd Heat: 1) Marc Hurd (Wichita, Ks), 2) Joe Adams (Enid, Ok), 3) Brian Franz (Halstead, Ks), 4) Gary Kilbourn (Hutchinson, Ks), 5) Scott Miller (Hutchinson, Ks), 6) Tyler Shearhod (Wichita, Ks), 7) Van Gemmill (Ponca City, Ok)

4th Heat: 1) Tyler Davis (Derby, Ks), 2) Jon Thompson (Superior, Ne), 3) Kirk Coleman (Wichita, Ks), 4) Kenny Sweet (Wichita, Ks), 5) Lucas Gibbs (Udall, Ks), 6) Don Hodge (Wichita, Ks), 7) Johnny Whitmore (Wichita, Ks)

B Feature: 1) Kenny Sweet (Wichita, Ks), 2) Dustin Belcher (Wichita, Ks), 3) Jason McGehee (Wichita, Ks), 4) Kirby Robe (Colwich, Ks), 5) Don Hodge (Wichita, Ks), 6) Ross Shipman (Belle Plaine, Ks), 7) Jase Wedel (Wichita, Ks), 8) Justin Moler (Wichita, Ks), 9) AJ Brochu (Enid, Ok), 10) Scott Miller (Hutchinson, Ks), 11) Kirk Coleman (Wichita, Ks), 12) Craig Miller (Hutchinson, Ks), 13) Lucas Gibbs (Udall, Ks), 14) Jimmy Brozek (Stafford, Ks), 15) Gary Kilbourn (Hutchinson, Ks), 16) Rodney Chaffin

A Feature: 1) John Allen (Chanute, Ks), 2) Tyler Davis (Derby, Ks), 3) Marc Hurd (Wichita, Ks), 4) Don Hodge (Wichita, Ks), 5) Jason McGehee (Wichita, Ks), 6) Dustin Belcher (Wichita, Ks), 7) Kenny Sweet (Wichita, Ks), 8) Jase Wedel (Wichita, Ks), 9) Brian Franz (Halstead, Ks), 10) Ross Shipman (Belle Plaine, Ks), 11) Jon Thompson (Superior, Ne), 12) Dan Powers (Wichita, Ks), 13) Kirby Robe (Colwich, Ks), 14) Josh Lanterman (Wichita, Ks), 15) Justin Moler (Wichita, Ks), 16) AJ Brochu (Enid, Ok), 17) Bill Siemers (Mulvane, Ks), 18) Joe Adams (Enid, Ok), 19) Scott Miller (Hutchinson, Ks), 20) Kip Hughes (Enid, Ok)

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