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Seagraves Scores First Career NCRA Late Model Victory at Belleville!

Seagraves leads the way at the Famed Belleville High Banks. Todd Boyd Photo

Seagraves leads the way at the Famed Belleville High Banks. Todd Boyd Photo

Belleville, Kansas – July 5, 2013 – Jimmy Seagraves scored the biggest victory of his racing career as he won Friday night’s National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products late model feature event at the Belleville High Banks Speedway in Belleville, Kansas.

Chase Junghans started on the pole for the twenty lap feature event with Seagraves having moved to the outside front row after scheduled starter Dean Moore was unable to start the event due to motor problems following his heat race victory earlier in the evening.

Junghans led lap one before Seagraves took over the top spot on lap two. One lap later the red flag appeared when G&G Dozer rookie of the year contender Jeremy Petty flew over the turn four wall and landed on all fours. He was uninjured but done for the night.

On the restart Seagraves maintained his lead and kept Junghans behind him the rest of the way and went on to score his first career series victory and first ever at the Belleville High Banks.

Junghans settled for second with sixth starting Mike Wiarda coming home third. Gary Gorby came home fourth while veteran Delbert Smith came from his thirteenth starting position to round out the top five.

Heat races for the 18 car field were won by Moore and Junghans.

NCRA Late Models

Belleville High Banks/Belleville, Kansas

July 5, 2013

18 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Dean Moore, 2) Jimmy Seagraves, 3) Gary Gorby, 4) Mike Wiarda, 5) Jacob Magee, 6) Jeremy Petty, 7) Delbert Smith, 8) Wylan Petrie, 9) John Anderson

2nd Heat: 1) Chase Junghans, 2) Brad Wagoner, 3) Scott Phillips, 4) Chris Avery, 5) Dan Smith, 6) Tim Hans, 7) Dustin Beffert, 8) Les Seibert, 9) David Conkwright

A Feature: 1) Jimmy Seagraves, 2) Chase Junghans, 3) Mike Wiarda, 4) Gary Gorby, 5) Delbert Smith, 6) Jacob Magee, 7) Scott Phillips, 8) Brad Wagoner, 9) Chris Avery, 10) Wylan Petrie, 11) Dan Smith, 12) Tim Hans, 13) Dustin Beffert, 14) Jeremy Petty, DNS) Dean Moore, Les Seibert, John Anderson, David Conkwright

Lap leaders: Junghans 1; Seagraves 2-20

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