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D. Brown Back In Victory Lane At Thunder Hill Speedway

Husting the high side to a win is the #63 of Derrick Brown, #81 of Tom Charles would finish 2nd. Larry Mzhickteno Photo

Husting the high side to a win is the #63 of Derrick Brown, #81 of Tom Charles would finish 2nd. Larry Mzhickteno Photo

The Conkwright family continues to prove to race fans in the State that they not only have one of the best prepared facilities and racetracks, but some of the best racers and racing action around. From the trophy presentations for the Mid-Season Point Champions, to the fantastic fireworks after the races, the entire staff at Thunder Hill Speedway is committed to putting on the best racing program in the area.

The Mid-Season Points Champions were crowned on the front straight during intermission. Wade Heller, a.k.a Showtime, stole the show in the Casey’s General Store IMCA Sport Compacts. In the Kansas National Guard IMCA Hobby Stocks, Brian Stich in his “Short Bus” ride, finds himself with a solid lead. Clay Hale, a recent winner in the Peak Antifreeze Stock Car Dream Challenge, is leading the Belleville Motorsports IMCA Northern Sportmods. Mike Nichols, four time IMCA National Stock Car Champion, broke in the heat race and headed back to Iowa for repairs to his machine. He was unable to collect his trophy for leading the Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Cars. I believe there were two winners in the BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modified division. Allen Halderman was awarded the trophy but gave the hardware away to one lucky fan, William Griffith. I had the opportunity to talk with William in the tower after the presentation. He had the biggest grin and was totally out of breath. The trophy was almost as tall as he was.

After a few weeks off, the Casey’s General Store Sport Compacts made their return to Thunder Hill Speedway. Dan Canady built a commanding lead early on. The battle was for second, third and fourth as Austin Umscheid used almost every inch of the track in an attempt to run down the leader. Austin and Brandon Lobdell swapped positions several times in the closing laps. At the Checkered Flag it was Dan Canady with the win, Brandon Lobdell, Austin Umscheid, Don Dale and Alex Boyden.
Next up were the Kansas National Guard IMCA Hobby Stocks. Early in the race, Nicholas Ronnebaum was at the point. As positions changed and a late race caution restacked the field, Troy Baumgartner found himself out front. Baumgartner takes the checker, followed by Brian Stich, Jacob Crowell, Kelly Pihl and Mallory Stiffler.

The Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Northern Sportmod division once again provided some of the best weekly racing action. Racing for a National Title, Tyler Frye starts way deep in the grid and begins to work his way to the front. Frye battled Brian Neiberger for several laps before finding himself in the Pit Pass Liquor Victory Lane. Brian Neiberger had a solid second, followed by Kurtis Pihl, Adam Patch and Rich Boyden.

Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Cars tried to tame Thunder Hill next. I talked to Jim Powell Jr. after the races, and though he wouldn’t elaborate, he told me that he had found something Saturday afternoon. Jim worked his way to the front and held off a hard charging field. At the checker, Jim did a pair of donuts at both ends of the front stretch celebrating his first feature win this season. At the close of this one Jim Powell Jr. stands victoriously in The Pit Pass Liquor Victory Lane, followed by Greg Deters, Matt Haid, Brian Labonte and Gene Stigall.

The BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modifieds put on the last event of the evening. With three different father/son combinations on the track, one would have thought it was a family affair. Derrick Brown took the lead early and had to hold off an extremely hard charging Tom Charles. After a solid run the week before, Tom had a win in his sights. Thunder Hill allowed for multiple grooves and all the competitors tried different lines in an attempt to run down the leaders. On the final lap it was Derrick Brown, Tom Charles, Randy Wilson, Scott Brown and Allen Halderman. After the race, I had the opportunity to talk to Derrick. He said, “The track was fantastic! All I had to do was fly down the straights and let the car roll through the turns”. He was still grinning an hour after the show.

Racing resumes next Saturday night at The Xtreme Motor Sports Clash on the Hill for our second of three “Ladies Nights”, where all ladies get in free in the grandstands. All five IMCA classes will be putting on the best Saturday night racing show in Northeast Kansas. Bring a friend and a cooler!!! Friend Thunder Hill Speedway on Facebook or find us at .

BSB Mfg. IMCA Modifieds – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 63 Derrick Brown Meriden , Ks 40.00
2 2 81 Tom Charles Bonner Springs, Ks 39.00
3 8 A2 Randy Wilson Wichita , Ks 38.00
4 12 11 Scott Brown Meriden , Ks 37.00
5 7 178 Allen Halderman Hoyt , Ks 36.00
6 5 70 Justin Becker Holton , Ks 35.00
7 6 77K Kurt Johnston Concordia , Ks 34.00
8 9 11L Steve Burch Junction City, Ks 33.00
9 4 81S Richard Spriggs Savannah , Mo 32.00
10 13 6B Melvin Bailey Hoyt , Ks 31.00
11 10 81JR Danny Charles Basehor , Ks 30.00
12 11 187 Chris Heller Junction City, Ks 29.00
13 1 7 Corey Burch Junction City, Ks 28.00
14 14 7D Danny Holt Topeka , Ks 27.00

Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stocks – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 5 20P Jim Powell Lecompton , Ks 39.00
2 3 29 Greg Deters Centralia , Ks 38.00
3 4 22 Matt Haid Meriden , Ks 37.00
4 7 99 Brian Labonte Lawrence , Ks 36.00
5 2 XX Gene Stigall Winston , Mo 35.00
6 6 22A Alvie Christofferson St. Joseph, Mo 34.00
7 8 11 Christine Brown Topeka , Ks 33.00
8 1 75M Marvin Griffith Jr Holton , Ks 32.00
9 9 63 Mike Nichols Harlan , Ia 31.00

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 12 55 Tyler Frye Belleville , Ks 40.00
2 3 38 Brian Neiberger Meriden , Ks 39.00
3 2 3K Kurtis Pihl Falun , Ks 38.00
4 4 19P Adam Patch Holton , Ks 37.00
5 18 4U Rich Boyden Topeka , Ks 36.00
6 9 75 Kyle Olberding Seneca , Ks 35.00
7 11 C4 Curtis Dreasher Hoyt , Ks 34.00
8 15 2C Matthew Crowell Clearwater , Ks 33.00
9 7 12 Bryan Rigsby Topeka , Ks 32.00
10 6 76 Brandon Mitchell Topeka , Ks 31.00
11 5 34 Mike Taylor Topeka , Ks 30.00
12 20 17JR Ricky Abrams Silver Lake, Ks 29.00
13 10 22H Clay Hale Cameron , Mo 28.00
14 14 1D Jeff Davis Topeka , Ks 27.00
15 19 42 Bret Degand Topeka , Ks 26.00
16 13 11C Chas Klinkner Manhattan , Ks 25.00
17 16 71S Derek Smith Topeka , Ks 24.00
18 17 7H Chance Hug Mayetta , Ks 23.00
19 1 61 Jesse Shotts Topeka , Ks 22.00
20 21 37 Millard Gibson Junction City, Ks 21.00
21 22 54 Ricky Tanner Topeka , Ks 20.00
22 8 7D Dusty Leonard Marysville , Ks 19.00

KS National Guard IMCA Hobby Stocks – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 9 21T Troy Baumgartner Auburn , Ks 40.00
2 10 21 Brian Stich Topeka , Ks 39.00
3 7 3C Jacob Crowell Clearwater , Ks 38.00
4 6 5K Kelly Pihl Lindsborg , Ks 37.00
5 8 M87 Mallory Stiffler Topeka , Ks 36.00
6 4 6 Patrick Doherty Mayetta , Ks 35.00
7 3 7 Nicholas Ronnebaum Onaga , Ks 34.00
8 13 75SR Marvin Griffith Sr Delia , Ks 33.00
9 2 4A Nathan Munhall Ogden , Ks 32.00
10 12 22A Dalton Ronnebaum Onaga , Ks 31.00
11 5 27 Patrick Thyfault Topeka , Ks 30.00
12 1 64L Larry Hunter Meriden , Ks 29.00
13 11 75R Robert Griffith Sr Mayetta , Ks 28.00

Caseys Gen. Store IMCA Sport Comp. – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 53 Dan Canady Holton , Ks 37.00
2 5 63 Brandon Lobdell Solomon , Ks 36.00
3 1 U69 Austin Umscheid Westmoreland , Ks 35.00
4 3 19 Don Dale Manhattan , Ks 34.00
5 6 4D Alex Boyden Topeka , Ks 33.00
6 7 4L Lexi Boyden Topeka , Ks 32.00
7 4 187 Wade Heller Manhattan , Ks 31.00

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