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McGehee Wires NCRA Modified Prelim, Will Sit on Pole for Finale!

20131014_289Park City, Kansas – October 25, 2013 – Jason McGehee took the lead at the start and never looked back in claiming the preliminary victory Friday night as the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products modified opened their final weekend at 81 Speedway in Park City. The victory assured Jason of starting on the pole position for Saturday night’s Wix Filter’s/Bumper to Bumper Fall Classic season feature finale.

By virtue of accumulating the most heat race and passing points in the two sessions of heat races earlier in the evening, Cecil Dymond started on the front row the twelve lap feature but it was McGehee getting the jump on the field as the green flag fell.

The feature went caution free allowing McGehee to quickly open up a half stretch advantage by lap five.

He approached lapped traffic with two laps to go and that didn’t seem to slow him down and set himself up for a perfect starting position for Saturday night’s finale and will look to claim his second career tour victory.

Dymond finished second followed by Richard Wilson, current point leader Marc Hurd and Dustin Belcher. Drivers finishing sixth through tenth were; Adam Schrag, Dan Powers, Josh Everhart, Chris Pitts and Beau Davis. Those ten drivers are locked into Saturday night’s championship finale and will make up the first five rows.

The first session of heat races were won by Cuyler Calkin, Johnny Whitmore, Rodney Chaffiin, and McGehee. The second session of heat races were won by Adam Schragg, Cecil Dymond, Robbie Simmons and Chris Pitts.

Saturday night’s season finale at 81 Speedway will see gates open at 5:00 PM and races slated for a 7:00 PM start time. The series 360-ci sprint car division will also be in competition.

NCRA Modifieds

81 Speedway/ Park City, Kansas

October 25, 2013

31 Cars

1st Session:

1st Heat: 1) Cuyler Calkin, 2) Beau Davis, 3) Dustin Belcher, 4) Ross Shipman, 5) Kirk Coleman, 6) Robby Simmons, 7) Josh Lanterman, DNS: JR Sandlian

2nd Heat: 1) Johnny Whitmore, 2) Tyler Davis, 3) Don Hodge, 4) Marc Hurd, 5) Carson McKeen, 6) Neil Dossie, 7) Jimmy Brozek, 8) Bobby Bills

3rd Heat: 1) Rodney Chaffin, 2) Richard Wilson, 3) Cecil Dymond, 4) Chris Pitts, 5) A.J. Brochu, 6) Eric Chesterman, 7) Derek Johnson, 8) Gary Kilbourn

4th Heat: 1) Jason McGehee, 2) Jase Wedel, 3) Adam Schrag, 4) Dan Powers, 5) Josh Everhart, 6)Craig Miller, DNS: Danny Moss

Second Session

1st Heat: 1) Adam Schrag, 2) Marc Hurd, 2) Dan Powers, 4) Carson McKeen, 5) Don Hodge, 6) Josh Lanterman, 7) Gary Kilbourn, DNS: Rodney Chaffin

2nd Heat: 1) Cecil Dymond, 2) Dustin Belcher, 3) Jimmy Brozek, 4) Neil Dossie, 5) Kirk Coleman, 6) Eric Chesterman, 7) Johnny Whitmore, 8) Tyler Davis

3rd Heat: 1) Robbie Simmons, 2) Josh Everhart, 3) Richard Wilson, 4) A.J. Brochu, 5) Cyuler Calkin, DNS: Danny Moss, Bobby Bills, Derek Johnson

4th Heat: 1) Chris Pitts, 2) Jaason McGehee, 3) Beau Davis, 4) Ross Shipman, 5) Jase Wedell, 6) Craig Miller, 7) JR Sandlion

Qualifying A Feature: 1) Jason McGehee, 2) Cecil Dymond, 3) Richard Wilson, 4) Marc Hurd, 5) Dustin Belcher, 6) Adam Schrag, 7) Dan Powers, 8) Josh Everhart, 9) Chris Pitts,10) Beau Davis, 11) Ross Shipman, 12) Robbie Simmons, 13) Don Hodge, 14) A.J. Brochu, 15) Cuyler Calkin, 16) Jase Wedell, 17) Neil Dossie, 18) Carson McKeen, 19) Jimmy Brozek, 20) Johnny Whitmore

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