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Lagroon & Frye Headline 4th Annual Topless Challenge at Salina Speedway

 Corey Lagroon (24) holds off a challenge from Mike Petersilie (25P) during the Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Modified feature. (Photo by

Corey Lagroon (24) holds off a challenge from Mike Petersilie (25P)
during the Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Modified feature. (Photo by

Salina, KS – Along with a great fireworks show, Salina Speedway ushered in the 4th annual Topless Challenge on July 4th to celebrate the birth date of our nation.

The Big Money was set up for the Belleville Motorsports IMCA Modified division. The driver that won the A main on Friday night would pocket $1,000 and work his/her way onto the ballot for a chance at getting into the Fast Shafts All-Star race at the Boone Super Nationals.

Corey Lagroon came into Friday night struggling.

Lagroon has finished in the top 10 to top 5 mark almost every single night. A former track champ in the Modified division, Lagroon is out to win and be a factor in every race. Victory lane had avoided him all season long until Friday night.

Danny Morrison Jr. and Josh Blumer would lead the topless field to the green flag for the A Main. Morrison got the jump at the start. Lagroon made all the right moves as he made his move to get by Morrison on lap 5. As he went by Morrison it was evident that this was going to be Lagroon’s night. He would check out once in the lead and take his 1st win of the season. The win was worth $1,000 and it moved him to just 6 points behind the point leader, Joe Cleveland in the point standings.

Behind Lagroon the show was mesmerizing for 2nd through 6th on the grid.

Morrison would hold on for 2nd, last week’s feature winner, Mike Petersilie, finished 3rd after starting 8th, 4th was the point leader, Joe Cleveland, who tried every line imaginable to move forward and Jesse Richter would come home 5th.

Belleville Motor Sports Heat Race Winners were Clay Sellard & Cleveland.

Another class looking to gain big money and racing topless was the M&H Motors IMCA Northern Sport Mods.

A large contingent of racers, 27, got in line to try and take home the big money.

Kurtis Pihl and Austin Carter would start on the front row of this hotly contested affair.

Nate Ginest would take the early lead as everyone started jockeying positions on the speedway. At the front of the pack Ginest would fend off all advances from the competiton. At least until the white flag.

On the white flag lap is where this race got exciting.

Tyler Frye worked his way up from his 12th place starting position into the runner-up spot by the white flag lap. As the white flag flew on the speedway, Frye made his move and went to the front of the field and took the lead.

At the checkered flag Frye would get his 2nd win of the season. The win came with extra money and it also pushed Frye into a tie, with Carter, for the points lead.

Clay Money would finish 2nd, 3rd went to Greg Metz on a solid effort, Ginest would finish in the 4th place finish and Daniel Gottschalk drove from 11th to finish 5th in the A Main.

The M&H Motors IMCA Northern Sport Mod B Feature was won by Mark Franklin. Heat race winners were Metz, Carter, Money and Pihl.

Danny Morrison Jr. was the odds on favorite for the ‘FireCracker 500’ bonus money feature for the AutoHouse Towing Mod Lite division. Thanks to Cave Diver’s Liquor in Salina, the Mod Lites were racing for $500 to win on Friday night.

Morrison had won 4 of the first 5 features on the 2014 season. A ‘bounty’ ($100) was placed on Morrison for the first new driver that could get into victory lane! That bounty will go uncollected this week as Morrison made it 5 of the first 6 features on the season.

Earl Kinderknecht was the early leader in the main event. It almost appeared that Earl might have a shot at the win.

Lapped traffic would aid Morrison on his way to the front in this race. As he and Kinderknecht navigated through lapped traffic, Morrison would pick him off and take the lead moving on to win #5.

Earl would finish 2nd, 3rd went to the only other driver to pull off a win in 2014, Justin Kinderknecht, 4th was Tyler Bradshaw and Ryan Ayers finished 5th after starting 10th.

AutoHouse Towing Mod Lite Heat Race Winners were Ryan Secrest and Chris Unruh.

The BSB Manufacturing NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Models saw another new winner Friday night, Dustin Huehl. Huehl celebrated an impressive performance.

Huehl, the 4th different winner on the season, got to the front and checked out on the rest of the competition leading the way to the victory.

Darrick Klima and Delbert Smith would put on a crowd pleasing battle for the 2nd position. Klima would get the upper hand and take the runner-up spot, Smith, the points leader in the division finished 3rd, 4th went to Scott Phillips and Justin Kinderknecht gained his 2nd top 5 finish of the night in 5th!

The BSB Manufacturing NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Model Heat Race Winners were Klima & Smith.

Another driver that might be looking at a bounty could be in Scott Miller in the Coors Light Street Stock class.

Friday night, Miller would take the win by leading every single lap of the feature. The win would be Miller’s 4th on the season (3 straight to be exact)! Miller was dominating on Friday night.

Arnold Williams was the hard charger of the division as he went from 6th to finish 2nd, Duane Toyne finished 3rd, 4th was Tony Steenson and Fred Traskowsky rounded out the top 5.

Coors Light Street Stock Heat Race Winners were Miller and Williams.

Racing continues next Friday night, July 11th! Racing action gets underway with Hot laps at 7:15 p.m. and heat races shortly after that.

Adult admission is $10, with kids 15 & under FREE with paid adult. All seniors 55 and up are HALF PRICE with ID. All active & retired military are FREE with appropriate ID as well! Pit passes are $25.

Fans wanting to get the 411 on Salina Speedway just need to stay logged in to their home on the world wide web at As fans visit the site take a look at the 2014 schedule to see what classes are running, great stories and results and sign up for the Text & Email Blasts! You can also like their Facebook page at or Follow on Twitter @SalinaSpeedway1.

Street Stocks – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 1 Scott Miller Hutchinson , Ks 40.00
2 6 07W Arnold Williams Russell , Ks 39.00
3 1 48 Duane Toyne Salina , Ks 38.00
4 8 59S Tony Steenson Mentor , Ks 37.00
5 7 23F Fred Traskowsky Heringrton , Ks 36.00
6 2 A55 Bob Arnold Salina , Ks 35.00
7 9 23 Mike Traskowsky Woodbine , Ks 34.00
8 3 97 Jeremie Myers Junction City, Ks 33.00
9 11 83 Tommy Shomaker Salina , Ks 32.00
10 5 4A Nathan Munhall Ogden , Ks 31.00
11 10 25C William Cammarn Abilene , Ks 30.00 DNF
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Sport Mods – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 12 55 Tyler Frye Belleville , Ks 40.00
2 6 7M Clay Money Penokee , Ks 39.00
3 8 30 Greg Metz Washington , Ks 38.00
4 4 201 Nate Ginest Great Bend, Ks 37.00
5 11 3D Daniel Gottschalk Ellis , Ks 36.00
6 10 29 Marlin Farr Nickerson , Ks 35.00
7 1 3K Kurtis Pihl Falun , Ks 34.00
8 13 7 Mark Franklin Salina , Ks 33.00
9 3 65J Josh Appel Dodge City, Ks 32.00
10 14 36 Chad Markley Abilene , Ks 31.00
11 17 30T Taylor Metz Washington , Ks 30.00
12 5 21J Jeremy Sigler Great Bend, Ks 29.00
13 18 27G Kamren Gruber Great Bend, Ks 28.00
14 9 12 Tyler Post Salina , Ks 27.00
15 19 70 Don Morris Junction City, Ks 26.00
16 15 18 Jeff Olson Salina , Ks 25.00
17 7 23 Fred Traskowsky Heringrton , Ks 24.00
18 20 4P Hunter Cantrall Hastings , Ne 23.00
19 16 33D Brenden Damon Great Bend, Ks 22.00 DNF
20 2 63C Austin Carter Beloit , Ks 21.00 DNS
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Modifieds – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 5 24 Corey Lagroon Salina , Ks 40.00
2 1 14M Danny Morrison Jr Bennington , Ks 39.00
3 8 25P Mike Petersilie Hoisington , Ks 38.00
4 7 2 Joe Cleveland Delphos , Ks 37.00
5 4 8R Jesse Richter Great Bend, Ks 36.00
6 10 85C Clay Sellard Ellis , Ks 35.00
7 14 11B Scott Brown Meridan , Ks 34.00
8 12 747 Corey Burch Junction City, Ks 33.00
9 9 B6 Brian Knoell Falun , Ks 32.00
10 2 21X Josh Blumer Marysville , Ks 31.00
11 15 819 Shannon Johnson Salina , Ks 30.00
12 18 71 Jason Caldwell Salina , Ks 29.00
13 16 52 Cliff Shepard Ogden , Ks 28.00
14 6 53T Larry Sutton Beloit , Ks 27.00 DNF
15 11 23S Heath Myers Hoisington , Ks 26.00 DNF
16 3 B21 Kenny Sweet Wichita , Ks 25.00 DNF
17 13 22 Justin Jurgens Lincoln , Ne 24.00 DNF
18 17 11C Craig Colgin Canton , Ks 23.00 DNS
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Mod Lites – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 6 14M Danny Morrison Jr Bennington , Ks 40.00
2 11 T1T Earl Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 39.00
3 12 28G Justin Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 38.00
4 4 15B Tyler Bradshaw Gypsum , Ks 37.00
5 10 19 Ryan Ayers Salina , Ks 36.00
6 7 87 Kenny Sweet Wichita , Ks 35.00
7 5 B55 Brian Davidson Bennington , Ks 34.00
8 8 12 Ryan Secrest Newton , Ks 33.00
9 2 88C Chris Unruh Galva , Ks 32.00
10 1 21 Bud Lee Salina , Ks 31.00
11 9 56S Chad Shartzer Abilene , Ks 30.00
12 14 2X Trey Morgan Junction City, Ks 29.00
13 15 23 Abby Morris Augusta , Ks 28.00
14 13 199 Miya Lane Hutchinson , Ks 27.00 DNF
15 3 Z23 Mike Zrubek Salina , Ks 26.00 DNF
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Late Models – A Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 94 Dustin Huehl Bennington , Ks 50.00
2 3 2K Darrick Klima Belleville , Ks 49.00
3 2 92 Delbert Smith Wichita , Ks 48.00
4 6 194 Scott Phillips Salina , Ks 47.00
5 1 1JR Justin Kinderknecht Salina , Ks 46.00
6 11 55 Chris Kratzer Haysville , Ks 45.00
7 10 92S Daniel Smith Wichita , Ks 44.00
8 8 10J Jill Roberg Salina , Ks 43.00
9 5 70 Brad Morris Junction City, Ks 42.00
10 7 64 Dustin Befort Lebanon , Ks 41.00
11 9 81 Doug Sieh Wichita , Ks 41.00
More Results

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