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Troy Gemmill Cashes In On Big Mod Win At Thunder Hill Speedway

$2,000 plus lap money to Troy Gemmill for the win. Larry Mzhickteno

$2,000 plus lap money to Troy Gemmill for the win. Larry Mzhickteno

Mayetta, KS – Big money will do a lot of different things to racers when you dangle it in front of them. Some will falter, some will get nervous and some will rise to the occasion and snatch it!

Thunder Hill Speedway puts the ‘big money’ down every year for their signature race, Thunder on The Hill. This big race pays the winners in the Hobby Stocks $400, Northern Sport Mods $700, Stock Cars $700 and Modifieds $2,000. Throw on top of it money for leading a lap during the race and you have a recipe for great racing.

In the BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modifieds the field was set with 24 cars and they were scheduled to start 3 wide during the main event.

Brendon Gemmill, Cory Wray and Troy Gemmill brought the field to the green flag to start the main event.

At the drop of the green flag it was Troy Gemmill that got the drop on the field and took to the top spot early on. The event was scheduled for 30 laps and it had a long way to go.

Troy Gemmill would battle with Wray off the start while Johnny ‘The Jet’ Saathoff, Scott Drake, Clay Hale and Jordan Grabouski would keep pace. A lot of swapping of spots were seen all over the speedway in the early part of the feature.

Grabouski, a multiple time feature winner and former IMCA Modifed National Champ, would work his way up from his 12th starting spot to challenge Troy Gemmill in the lead. Calculating every move Grabo tested every inch of the Thunder Hill surface trying to find a line that would put him in the lead.

At one point Grabouski would find that line. Working the bottom of the race track Grabouski worked his way past T. Gemmill for the lead, but on the next lap while navigating this line Grabouski hit one of the implement tires in turn 4. Gemmill quickly took the lead back from Grabo in lapped traffic, Grabouski would spin and bring out the yellow.

Troy Gemmill would take back to the top spot once the race resumed. Gemmill, firing on all cylinders, would not be denied on this night. Gemmill would stretch the field out and go on to the win worth $2,000 plus the lap money that was offered.

A great battle went on behind Gemmill with the rest of the competition. Wray would end up in the runner-up spot with a solid run, Saathoff would finish 3rd after starting 8th in the A Main, Drake would drop back and then battle his way back up to 4th and rounding out the top 5 was Clay Hale.

Heat race winners on the night were T. Gemmill, Wray, Grabouski and Allen Halderman. Bobby Bills and Kyle Olberding took in the B Feature wins that gave them a spot in the main event.

#63 Mike Nichols battles with #20P Jim Powell Jr. Larry Mzhickteno

#63 Mike Nichols battles with #20P Jim Powell Jr. Larry Mzhickteno

The Heinen Repair Services IMCA Stock Car Feature was a good ole’ fashioned Barn Burner!

Several strong racers showed up to battle it out on Friday night at Thunder Hill and that’s exactly what the fans got to see.

Jim Powell Jr. would race his way to the top spot after a quick tussle with Brad Whitney.

Mike Nichols, the 2014 IMCA Stock Car National Champion worked his way to the front of the field, but he wasn’t alone once he got there.

Jason Rogers and Nichols would go back and forth swapping spots at the front of the field.

As these two battled it out at the front, Lance Borgman was also marching through the field.

It was evident that this 25 lap event was going to be a great one as the top 8 cars were about as tight as you could get on the big high banked speedway.

None of the drivers in the top 3 wanted to give an inch during the feature. Slide jobs, a few door dings and an awesome display of determination could be seen at the front of the field.

Rogers would take the top spot from Nichols only to see Nichols put a slide job back on Rogers to take the top spot. Rogers and Borgman would put on a show going back and forth for 2nd and 3rd as each would try to mount a charge to get by Nichols.

In the end it wouldn’t be done it was Nichols getting the win by a slim margin. It would be Nichols 4th win on the season at Thunder Hill Speedway and his 2nd straight.

Borgman would win the race for 2nd place, settling for 3rd was Rogers, Marvin Griffith Jr. provided the excitment for the night as he started 18th and finished 4th in the main event and Brandon Conkwright had an impressive run finishing 5th.

Heat race winners were Nichols and Powell.

Shawn Harker wins a close Sport Mod Feature. Larry Mzhickteno

Shawn Harker wins a close Sport Mod Feature. Larry Mzhickteno

One year ago and the finale of Thunder On The Hill, Shawn Harker saw his chances for a win in the Belleville Motor Sports IMCA Northern Sport Mods go out the window on the final lap. This year the Nebraska racer wasn’t going to let that happen again or was he?

Harker didn’t have to look hard to find the top spot in the main event as he started on the pole position and quickly shot into the lead at the beginning of the race.

It also didn’t take long for Shaw to run down the Harker from this 4th place starting spot. Shaw, a 2 time feature winner in 2014 at Thunder Hill, was coming off a win last week and looked to be keeping up his momentum as he took out after Harker.

The two would put on a good show for the fans and it would really get exciting coming to the white flag.

As the two leaders came to the white flag it was Shaw that finally found the groove to get passed Harker. Working the high side of the race track Shaw slipped by Harker and looked to take the advantage.

Heading into turn 1 on the last lap, a car off the pace would be directly in the path of Shaw causing him to have to check up in the center of the turn. This would give Harker the lead back and the two raced down the back stretch. Shaw made a mad dash to keep pace with the leader.

Harker laid it down low in the final turn and Shaw went to the top. As they exited turn 4 contact was made. The contact forced Shaw to go low and Harker to go high down the front stretch as they drag raced to the checkers. Harker would be the first to cross the stripe by only a few feet over Shaw.

The win was a redemption for Harker that paid him $700 plus his lap money for leading.

Shaw finished in a close 2nd, Lance Borgman tried out a Jet Mod and drove it to a 3rd place finish after starting 12th, 4th went to Blaine Walt and Trevor Drake drove from 13th to finish 5th.

Heat race winners were Jeremy Pittsenbarger, Tim Echevarria and Shaw. The B Feature was won by Ricky Abrams.

#21 Brian Stich works his way into the lead in the Hobby A Main. Larry Mzhickteno

#21 Brian Stich works his way into the lead in the Hobby A Main. Larry Mzhickteno

Every race on Friday night at Thunder Hill held some form of excitement and they Bad Boyz Bail Bonds IMCA Hobby Stock Car Feature was no different.

Ryan Roschewski started on the pole of the 20 lap feature and looked to be on his way to a victory as he put some distance between himself and the competition. Unfortunately for Roschewski the competition wasn’t going to just hand him the top prize.

Last week’s winner, Brian Stich, sliced and diced is way through the field to move into the runner-up spot. Once in the 2nd spot he would take his time as he slowly ran down the leader, Roschewski.

Before long it was time for the showdown between the two. Stich couldn’t find the spot to put him into the point position. Roschewski would fend off all of his advances. Stich would get the advantage by going under Roschewski down the front straight away. Moving up the track Stich would take away the momentum that Roschewski had. This put Stich in the top spot.

A late race yellow would bunch the field back up. This gave Tyler Hinrichs a late race run that would push him by Roschewski and gave him a shot at the win. There just wasn’t enough time as Stich would hold off the competition and pick up his 2nd straight win at Thunder Hill. The big money win gave Stich his 5th win of the season at Thunder Hill.

Hinrichs finished in the runner-up position, holding on for 3rd was Roschewski, 4th went to the hard charger, Tyler Garst, who started 11th and Greg Gilbert rounded out the top 5.

Heat race winners were Roschewski and Patrick Thyfault.

Thunder On The Hill action will continue Saturday night at Thunder Hill Speedway.

Adult tickets are $15.00, kids 12 and under are FREE!

The drivers meeting is set for 6:30 p.m. and the racing action follows shortly after.

BSB Mfg. IMCA Modifieds – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 721 Troy Gemmill Ponca City, Ok 0.00
2 2 69N Cory Wray Jamesport , Mo 0.00
3 8 96J Johnny Saathoff Beatrice , Ne 0.00
4 4 12D Scott Drake Joplin , Mo 0.00
5 5 22H Clay Hale Cameron , Mo 0.00
6 6 81B Mike Densberger Lincoln , Ne 0.00
7 9 57V Mike Van Genderen Newton , Ia 0.00
8 1 G3 Brendon Gemmill Wichita , Ks 0.00
9 11 K27 Kyle Stallbaumer Topeka , Ks 0.00
10 13 14J Jeff Jones Council Bluffs, Ia 0.00
11 16 81 Tom Charles Basehor , Ks 0.00
12 24 73 Shawn Walsh Ash Flat, Ar 0.00
13 15 9 Brandon Blochlinger Concordia , Ks 0.00
14 10 121 Robert Tippery Council Bluffs, Ia 0.00
15 22 75 Kyle Olberding Seneca , Ks 0.00
16 21 B2 Bobby Bills Wichita , Ks 0.00
17 19 6E Bobby Eubanks Concordia , Ks 0.00
18 7 178 Allen Halderman Hoyt , Ks 0.00
19 18 7S David Solberg Karned , Ks 0.00
20 23 92P Jim Peeler Trimble , Mo 0.00
21 12 30 Jordan Grabouski Beatrice , Ne 0.00
22 14 10G Don Geist Burlington , Co 0.00
23 17 11W Tim Watts Beloit , Ks 0.00
24 20 70 Justin Becker Holton , Ks 0.00

Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stocks – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 63 Mike Nichols Harlan , Ia 0.00
2 9 76 Lance Borgman Beatrice , Ne 0.00
3 6 37 Jason Rogers Selden , Ks 0.00
4 18 75M Marvin Griffith Jr Holton , Ks 0.00
5 7 24C Brandon Conkwright Wamego , Ks 0.00
6 5 07W Arnold Williams Russell , Ks 0.00
7 12 29 Greg Deters Centralia , Ks 0.00
8 2 20P Jim Powell Lecompton , Ks 0.00
9 14 1N1 Bob Troutwine Topeka , Ks 0.00
10 16 86C Jake Cameron Winston , Mo 0.00
11 10 76X Jason Davis Norton , Ks 0.00
12 3 20M Perry Misner Garden City, Ks 0.00
13 15 22 Matt Haid Meriden , Ks 0.00
14 8 22M Michael Pepper Manhattan , Ks 0.00
15 11 6X Greg Keuhn Trenton , Mo 0.00
16 13 99 Brian Labonte Lawrence , Ks 0.00
17 17 11 Christine Brown Topeka , Ks 0.00
18 1 X9 Brad Whitney Trenton , Mo 0.00

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 40 Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne 0.00
2 4 27S Chad Shaw Trimble , Mo 0.00
3 12 99 Lance Borgman Beatrice , Ne 0.00
4 9 14W Blaine Walt Collyer , Ks 0.00
5 13 12T Trevor Drake Joplin , Mo 0.00
6 6 L26 Luke Stallbaumer Manhattan , Ks 0.00
7 2 18 Jacob Davis Berryton , Ks 0.00
8 21 3D Daniel Gottschalk Ellis , Ks 0.00
9 5 97 Eddie Schwope Iii St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
10 7 12B Bryan Rigsby Topeka , Ks 0.00
11 23 1M Brian Murphy Carbondale , Ks 0.00
12 18 427 Troy Baumgartner Auburn , Ks 0.00
13 15 67X Brandon Williams Des Moines, Ia 0.00
14 16 81 Austin Charles Basehor , Ks 0.00
15 17 76 Brandon Mitchell Topeka , Ks 0.00
16 19 17JR Ricky Abrams Topeka , Ks 0.00
17 14 50 Gary Holthaus Topeka , Ks 0.00
18 3 X1 Tracy Schaefer Topeka , Ks 0.00
19 24 70 Gene Becker Kincaid , Ks 0.00
20 20 65 Aaron Hilderman Topeka , Ks 0.00
21 11 32P Jeremy Pittsenbarger Cameron , Mo 0.00
22 22 77W Tyler Watts Beloit , Ks 0.00
23 8 35M Tim Echevarria Junction City, Ks 0.00
24 10 2C Matthew Crowell Clearwater , Ks 0.00

Bad Boyz Bail Bonds IMCA Hobby – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 21 Brian Stich Topeka , Ks 0.00
2 7 25 Tyler Hinrichs Americus , Ks 0.00
3 1 2R Ryan Roschewski Beatrice , Ne 0.00
4 11 53T Tyler Garst Topeka , Ks 0.00
5 8 23G Greg Gilbert Osceola , Ia 0.00
6 9 97 Raymond Bosch Effingham , Ks 0.00
7 10 31J Jerry Morehead Ogden , Ks 0.00
8 5 27P Patrick Thyfault Wakaruse , Ks 0.00
9 12 75R Robert Griffith Sr Mayetta , Ks 0.00
10 13 66L Larry Hunter Meriden , Ks 0.00
11 4 34 Mich Ross Maysville , Mo 0.00
12 6 4A Nathan Munhall Ogden , Ks 0.00
13 2 24 Michael Rice Elmwood , Ne 0.00
14 14 74 John Bass Topeka , Ks 0.00

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