Wednesday, January 17, 2018


December 14, 2015


Welcome to Team In The Pits Race Gear! Here you will find race apparel that has been designed, hand printed and put together with racers and fans in mind. As we add to our collections fans can expect to see shirts designed for all forms of LOCAL RACING…. Dirt Track, Dragstrip, etc.

Team In The Pits Race Gear is looking to be different than the normal race wear shirt. Sweatshirts and hats should be coming within the next few months….

Order online, here, at securely and safely. All orders are tailor made for each individual order, please allow for 10 to 14 day delivery times.


Other Color Options For Modifieds of Mayhem
Carolina Blue (Black Ink)  
CarolinaBDODMODFRT cbdodmodbk
Burnt Orange  
BODODMODFRT bododmodbk
Dark Chocolate  
DCDODMODFRT dcdodmodbk
Forrest Green  
fgdodmodfrt fgdodmodbk
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